Home Interior Repurposed Piano Ideas You Can Try On Your Own

Repurposed Piano Ideas You Can Try On Your Own

Glittery piano recreated into a side table
Glass table top

Repurposed pianos are a great DIY idea for anyone who has an old piano. Rather than throw away your old piano, you can recreate it and transform it into a masterpiece that will make your home stand out. Repurposed pianos can be used to redesign both the interior and exterior of your home. Below are a few ways you can repurpose your piano;

Cabinets with metal handles

Why buy office furniture when you have an old piano that you can recreate into a workstation? With just a few modifications here and there, you could create the most comfortable and elegant office. You can look for a wooden seat that complements the style of the piano. You can upholster the chair to create more elegance and add comfort. You can add drawers and shelves to the piano so that it fits your needs.

Faded, white piano placed outdoors

This homeowner has combined two brilliant ideas to create the perfect attraction in the garden, all at a cheap cost. This old white piano has been used as a planter, with bright red flowers planted on top of the piano. Also, the piano has been used to create a waterfall which flows into a small circular pond surrounded by stone bricks.


How about a coffee table that your guests will absolutely love? The above coffee table uses this concept. You will have to make modifications at the top surface so that objects remain stable when placed on the table. You can add a glass or stone top to the table.

How elegant is this bookshelf? Instead of going for the ordinary bookshelf, let your home stand out by adjoining pieces of an old piano onto the wall. This way, you will get a creative and unique bookshelf. You can let the keys of the piano stay in place and create spaces in the other portion of the piano to allow for display. You can paint the piano to fit the design and color scheme of the room. For this project, you only need the upper part of the piano, the one that has the keys.

Wooden chair with upholstery

Here is a piano used to create a workstation in the garden. You can place it in a cool and quiet area of the garden and work as you enjoy the scenic view.

Piano with creative detail at the top
Glass table top
White porcelain bowls

You can transform your old piano into a cocktail bar. This way, you can create an elegant and unique cocktail bar while also solving liquor storage issues.

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