Refreshing Modern Pergola Design Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to spice up your home? Then a pergola is just what you need. A pergola is a row of vertical pillars that support additional cross-beams on the top. If erected well, the pergola provides just the perfect resting place to spend your time during weekends or when you have people over for a garden party. Here are some modern pergola designs that may be just perfect for your home:

Wood details

Wooden design

This pergola has a simple design to it, with a wooden floor and seats, which have white cushions for extra comfort.

Simple, modern furniture for the patio

Contemporary design


Formal style pergola

Formal furniture

This pergola has an official look to it, judging by the furniture. It is perfect for studying or working while home. It has a small pond at the side, creating a joyful mood.

Boldly decorated resting area

Elevated resting area

This modern pergola is elevated and is painted in bold colors, together with the furniture.

Pergola with fireplace

Cool resting area


Elegant stone designs

Stone floor

This pergola has an elegant design to it, with stone walls and an attractive stone floor in natural colors.

Beautiful patio and garden

Outdoor patio

For this home, the pergola has been erected on the patio.

Eye-catching colors as used on furniture

Bright furniture

This pergola has couches with pink cushions. The pink color adds life and catches the attention of the onlooker.

Beautiful exterior of home

Swimming pool

Erecting a pergola next to the pool is also a smart idea.

Retractable roof and wall screening

Retractable wall and roof

The roof of this pergola can be taken down or left intact depending on the owner’s preference. The wall screening can be pulled down to provide privacy or left up to allow entry of fresh air and the cool breeze.

two chairs with marblr

Modern black design with marble floor


Large pergola

Captivating design

If you have ample space, make use of it and construct a large pergola. Add patio furniture for a fully eye-catching view.

Bright flowers grown next to the pergola.



Balcony decorated with plants on the exterior

Simple home balcony

This home has a balcony which also doubles up as a pergola. Its design is simple, without much detail. Flowers have been grown on the exterior to spice up the look. This design is perfect for people who want pergolas but have limited space.

Strategically-positioned pergola

Interesting landscape

The location of this pergola is just perfect, offering the full view of the trees and sloping landscape.

Serene view of the water

Pergola by the water


Stone pebbles with pergola in the mid-section

Stone pebbles

A contemporary pergola with flowers and bright furniture as accessories.