Provence style is also popular for the largest rooms in a house or apartment – a living room. This room has its own properties in the house, therefore its fullness is significantly different:

  • The wooden floor of the living room will look more spectacular if you put a layer of paint on it, and then “age” it with sandpaper.It will take less trouble to buy a laminate with the right pattern or even ceramic tiles, which will also transfer to a country house in the south of France;
  • When choosing wall decoration, pay attention to a variety of decorative plaster and paint, partially adding brickwork or stone elements;

  • The ceiling of the boards with massive beams will look beautiful for the living room.It is often applied painting with white or another light color;
  • The frames of windows and doors are also made of natural wood, with light paint, for additional light and to expand the space of the room.

Having finished with finishing materials, it is important to pay attention to the continuation of the Provence style in furniture, textiles and decor.

The interior of the living room: furniture, textiles and décor

Settling on Provence style is one thing, but successfully implementing it in the interior takes much more effort. To pick up the best elements for your taste and preferences, you will have to browse through many catalogues with furniture, textiles and accessories. You may additionally choose to go with custom pieces, especially if you have a huge budget.

The furniture of a Provence living room should be selected according to the following principles:

  • Ideally, all your furniture, from cabinets to shelves, cabinets and racks, should be made from natural wood.A vintage chest of drawers, open shelves, low tables on curved legs will also come in handy. You can boost the beauty of the furniture through tricks like ageing the wood, painting it with floral patterns and applying decoupage;
  • Upholstered furniture, such as couches and armchairs should possess simple forms, while the upholstery itself should ideally have a monophonic color scheme.Pastel or gray upholstery with minor patterns in the form of branches and other floral options give the room an extra charm;
  • An important part of the living room is textile accessories, which create accents unique to the Provence style.For this room, curtains, spreads like tablecloths and decorative pillows create beauty. It is acceptable for a living room to combine three to four textile options but more than that is overkill;
  • An indispensable element of decor for the living room is a fireplace. Fireplaces come in numerous variations, from real fireplaces to imitations.For the Provencal style, the fireplace is usually decorated with natural brick or stone and wrought-iron gates;
  • A lot of frames with paintings of landscapes and photographs are a striking feature of the living room in the Provence style.These accessories offer a special comfort and warmth, which is desirable as the Provence style is comfortable and homely;
  • In addition to softness and lightness, Provence is also characterized by forged elements, such as tables and their stands, frames and other furniture fittings. However, it is important to be modest — one or two elements will be enough;
  • Wicker details are also popular in the living room, especially on seat-backs, tables, baskets, toys, etc.;
  • Lighting should be as efficient as possible. For a start, the living room should combine several sources of overhead light (often in the form of wrought iron chandeliers), as well as overhead lamps, floor lamps and sconces, ideally in simple shapes and colors.

A Provence-style living room will interest guests, yet remain suitable for intimate family pastimes.

If you design any of the room of the home in Provence style, you will get a light, airy and beautiful interior.

Aged wood, textiles, flowers and forged elements seem unappealing until you try them, then you realize their beauty.

Provençal style is quite practical as well. Given its origin in French villages, the functionality of each of the elements is fully justified. If you are looking for an unusual, comfortable and beautiful interior, Provence style is your ideal solution.