Pop Art is attributed to to Andy Warhol, a well-known figure in modern art. It was Warhol’s idea to combine art and interior design, essentially creating the pop art style. The cult poster of the world famous actress Marilyn Monroe became the basis for the birth of this idea. This is the reason why even today, designers use portraits of cult personalities in the styling and decorating the pop art style, so that the interior is fully consistent with the original concept.

Andy Warhol is the creator of the pop art style.

The main idea in the pop art style concept is the use of stylistic decor, in particular, elements of art. Striking decor and paintings, contrasting colors, endurance of proportions and conciseness are the key basics of the pop art style.

Designing a Bathroom in Pop Art Style

The best option is to plan the future design before beginning the actual process. For ease of decorating, it is preferable that you select elements of the same color. Below are detailed tips on creating a cozy bathroom in the considered stylistic decision:

Selection of Colors

The most popular color scheme in pop art bathrooms is black, red and white. As you can see, these colors are pure. When selecting colors, remember to note that brightness and contrasts form the basis of the pop art style. Designers often add lemon-yellow and other acid colors to combinations of the above listed colors. There are no strict rules regarding shades, but it is important that they all organically blend together and stand out, exuding a bright and catchy appearance.

The main basis of the interior isbrightness and contrasts

With the pop art style, you can select no more than five primary colors, combining them so that they all contrast with each other. There should be no intermediate shades in any zone of the room.

Selecting the Finishing Materials

You can use any type of finishing material, but it is better to give preference to materials with the following attributes:

  • Moisture resistance;
  • Strength;
  • Glossy surfaces;
  • Bright colors;
  • Lack of relief on the surface.

Walls can be covered with latex or acrylic paint, or alternatively, using tiles. Be cautious to avoid traditional elements of classicism, which introduce luxury to the interior. Marble and natural stone are definitely unsuitable for pop art bathrooms as they indicate luxury.

As a ceiling cover, an artificial, glossy canvas will look quite impressive. If you equip the ceiling with non-standard, bright and colored illumination, it will definitely become a highlight of the interior.

Light solutions

Every designer knows that the wrong lighting can ruin even the most stylish and luxurious bathroom. However, if you properly take care of the lighting, even a small bathroom can appear visually wider, taller, longer and more attractive. In the pop art style, lighting is also used to achieve this result, as well as serving the purposes listed below:

Proper lighting can significantly increase bathroom space.

  • To beat and successfully highlight accents;
  • For effective zoning;
  • As a decoration.

Of course, it is important to remember the main function of lighting devices, which is actually lighting the room.


Designers argue that for pop art interiors, it is necessary to pay attention to proportions, only using clear, pronounced silhouettes. However, in practice, interiors in the pop art style often use pieces of furniture with smoothed corners or even abstract structures. Therefore, the rules that guide the selection of furniture for the pop art style need not be followed strictly.However, you need to read through the recommendations provided below so the bathroom is completely in line with the pop art style.

Avoid open racks and cabinets.

  • The furniture should contrast or overlap with the shade of the floor and walls.
  • It is not necessary to follow all the rules strictly. Instead, you can pick up stylish items from different collections.
  • It is necessary to install every piece in a manner that ensures that there is as much free space as possible.
  • It is advisable not to clutter up the walls with a lot of wall cabinets, open shelving and cases.

The best option is to order a furniture set, made in accordance with the rule of the pop art style and exhibiting pronounced features of the style.


As it has been already mentioned,the bathroom design will be incomplete without original decorative elements in the pop art style. Here are a few ideas that can emphasize the interior’s beauty and make it more pronounced to the eye:

When choosing decor, avoid filling the room with a large number of small details.

  1. Using a variety of posters and paintings with portraits of cult personalities.
  2. Installing bright abstractions.
  3. Using prints on finishing materials, vinyl stickers.
  4. Introducing stylized textile elements and accessories.
  5. Use of accessories like lamps, figurines, vases, and vinyl records.

You can choose any decoration that appeals to your taste, but if possible, it is desirable that you avoid too many small details, as they can disturb the overall picture.

How to Add Pop Art Style Elements to a Regular Bathroom

The pop art style can be realized even in an already finished bathroom. Without much effort and cost, you can drastically change the atmosphere in the bathroom by adding a few stylish elements that conform to the pop art style. Below are some original ideas for turning a boring bathroom interior into a real and outstanding pop art and hall of fame:

This bright bath curtain fits perfectly into an otherwise boring interior, bringing the interior to life.

  • A curtain with bright and catchy prints.
  • Pictures and posters with photos or portraits of famous religious personalities, or stars from different eras.
  • Interior stickers with inscriptions, quotes, messages or wishes.
  • Use of graffiti on the walls.
  • Stylish wall lamps with a touch of glamour.

Some elements of pop art in the interior

You can use everyday materials in your home to create jewelry by yourself. The only thing that matters is that the bathroom is transformed to portray the atmosphere of American bohemian life of the 60s.

Whom Does the Pop Art Style Fit

Pop art is a relatively new design idea; a bold and bright interior solution that is an alternative to the common classic and modern designs. The pop art concept is equally suitable for creative people who are accustomed to surrounding themselves with beauty and comfort. In such a bright setting, those who are tired of the routine of everyday life and wish to create a special atmosphere in their home will also be satisfactorily accommodated.

This bathroom design is perfect for creative young people.

Decorating a bathroom in the pop art style is a bright and bold decision that allows you to create not just a place of comfort, but a personal art gallery in your own home or apartment.By maintaining the underlying concept of the design and following the listed tips, you can stylishly and beautifully overhaul any room in the home, not just the bathroom.