Walk-in showers have become a recent trend as more homeowners continue to embrace the design concept. Walk-in showers are mainly associated with contemporary design but still fit well in other designs. Walk-in showers appear more spacious and therefore have a way of opening up our home visually. Here are different ways you can create an open shower in your home;

Small walk-in shower with tile wall and glass closure

To emphasize on the concept of openness, you will find many walk-in showers are enclosed in glass, either partially or completely. Here, two sides of the shower are enclosed in glass while one is made of a tile wall. It is up to you to choose whether you want to enclose the shower with glass on some sides or on all sides. Glass closures work better for small walk-in showers, as opposed to large ones.

Glass closures also come in handy for those who love open shower designs but still desire a level of privacy.

Creatively-designed open shower

The good thing about open shower designs is that there are no rules or limitations to the way you should design or decorate them. Open shower designs give you the freedom to experiment new styles, as seen in the open shower above, which transitions seamlessly into the bedroom and closet as well.

This photo also illustrates another positive attribute of open showers. While most open showers are big, they can be small too. If you have limited space in your home, you can incorporate an open shower to help you save space, as seen here.

Bright open shower

In this open shower, the large window lets in plenty of light, illuminating the entire shower perfectly. Extra lighting is provided by the recessed in-ceiling lighting. Because of the ample lighting, the shower feels airy and spacious, indicating that lighting is a key element in any open shower.

Open shower with intriguing décor

Because an open shower offers the eye a continuous look uninterrupted by breaks, there is a likelihood that the open shower will appear lifeless and boring. To avoid this, it is important to choose décor that will add character and life to your open shower. This open shower delivers beauty perfectly. The green plants in the small jars breathe life into this shower, while the white sinks and bathtub make the bathroom appear brighter, thus livelier.

Spacious open shower

An open shower looks more spacious than an ordinary shower with a door. This is because an open shower offers the eye a continuous view, uninterrupted by breaks which are often caused by objects such as doors.

Open shower surrounded by garden

This open shower has an earthy attribute to it, making the user feel closer to nature. This is mainly because of the use of natural materials in designing the shower, including black pebbles for the floor and inclusion of a thatched roof instead of a contemporary roof. The shower experience is made even more amazing by the green potted plant in the shower and all the green vegetation surrounding the shower. If you like the thought of a shower surrounded by greenery, this article may come in particularly handy.