The modern interior is associated with asymmetry, multiple levels and minimal accessories.

Simply put, the modern style is the exact opposite of the traditional design. Instead of a clear-cut geometry, more rounded lines are used and instead of conservatism and pathos, lightness and simplicity takes over.

The resulting interior often turns out to be extremely comfortable and convenient for the modern homeowner who appreciates precision and minimalism, free of the norms and rules that characterize traditional interiors.

The History of the Modern Style

The Art Nouveau style, also called ar nouveau, emerged in the early 20th century. For designers who preferred the modern style, nature was the main source of inspiration. Through nature they found inspiration for free forms, wriggling and curved lines, asymmetry and natural décor, such as potted plants and flowers.

One of the favorite motifs of Art Nouveau style inventors featured female figures with flowing curls and flowing cloth folds. High quality was and remains of paramount importance Art Nouveau style designers and artists.

Art Nouveau in the Interior

The main feature of Art Nouveau is the abandonment of clear geometry, straight lines and symmetry, which are characteristic of classicism. The Art Nouveau design, which is often created in the modern style, differs sharply from classicism, primary due to the features of asymmetry, multi-levels, and abundance of curves and rounded lines.

Conservativism and pathos, which are inherent to neoclassicism, are replaced by simplicity in modern interiors. For Art Nouveau style interiors, décor is not merely décor, but is accompanied by functionality.

Simple floral ornaments are increasingly becoming popular in modern interiors, where the modernist symbol – iris – is almost always present.

Thus, the main features of the modern style interior include:

  1. The dominance of elongated shapes and smooth and curved lines, which are inspired by nature.
  2. The main motifs are beautiful feminine figures, stylized flowers, plants, insects and birds.
  3. When creating the interior, preference is given to natural materials such as exotic grades of hardwood, silver, semi-precious stones, gypsum and natural fabrics.

Interior in the Modern Style

 The modern interior design implies novelty, curvature, originality and experimentation, and the rejection of monumentality and rigor in favor of natural elements. This style encourages the use of elements of applied art, for example, stained glass windows, wicker furniture, and ceramics.

Interiors in the modern style are an important part of modern apartments, evoking original design solutions, large spaces and the desire to rationalize and simplify. The result is an interior that’s fresh and vibrant, attaining functionality and simplicity without compromising on beauty and grace. All these features are best embodied by Art Nouveau style interiors.

Tips from designers:

Walls in Art Nouveau style can be painted or covered with silk drapes on the upper part. As a rule, the lower part features an oak or stone surface.The extreme length of the walls is emphasized by floral ornaments. Neutral colors with unpronounced floral designs can also be used.

The ceiling should be smooth, with light stucco and featuring a refined chandelier.Often, one will find stained glass windows in the modern interior, which easily attract attention owing to their elegance and grace.

Classic or artistic parquet can be laid on the floor, whose pattern will repeat the interweaving of plant stalks or the curves of sea waves on a motif used in the interior.

Furniture should be soft and comfortable.These range from tables on ornate legs and chic wardrobes to dressers and dining sets. It is important that they are decorated with artistic elements, for example, featuring color or matte glazing. Exquisite fittings, engraved mirrors, inserts made of stone or ivory can also be used to spruce up these interiors.While choosing furniture for the modern interior, you should give preference to items with curved outlines, smooth lines and bright and natural textures.

The decor in the modern style, from throw pillows to vases, figurines, curtains and others, should contain natural themes. Even better, they should have natural decorations such as live plants or carvings of animals, from a miniature porcelain elephant to a full-size mermaid figure or a huge forged bird.Of course, the chicest addition to the interior is paintings that embrace modernity, usually with bold strokes and ornate forms.

Ar Nouveau is characterized by muted dull colors.The best solution is shades of lilac or light green gamma, rich ocher and gold, pearl gray and bluish shades with pearlescent shimmer or shimmering silver.

A modern, sought-after and incredibly refined style is seen here. The unusual smoothness and softness of the outlines emphasizes the elegance of the apartment.