Raised wooden bed
Wooden wall

Minimalist bedrooms use the concept that less really is more while decorating. They emphasize the idea that little details and accessories can still make a room beautiful. Here are some concepts for you;

White, fancy lamp stand
Platform bed

Minimalist bedrooms tend to go with platform beds rather than the traditional huge beds.

Room with beautiful view of the outside
Framed pictures on wall


Brilliant, black art on white wall
Rustic white theme


Minimalist bedroom with minimal lighting
Fancy rug

The minimal lighting contributes highly to the minimalist aesthetic of the room. The lamps are dim while the curtains are only parted slightly, with only little space through which light enters.

Room with glittering details
Champagne white theme

Everything in this bedroom glitters, from the purple cover on the bed to the champagne gold curtains and shiny, silvery nightstand and chandelier.

Apartment bedroom with a view of the city
Minimalist bedding

Minimalist bedrooms require very little bedding, so do not go around filling the bed with a bunch of pillows and duvets or comforters.

Patterned bedding
Bedroom with shelves

The shelves in this bedroom add an interesting twist to the whole view. The beddings have beautiful patterns which match the color of the rug on the floor.

Series of framed photographs on wall
High cabinet


Use of small lamps adjoined to the bed
Light green room


Raised wooden bed
Wooden wall


Shelves for storage and display of items
Gold details

This room uses a gold theme whose outcome is extremely superb, to say the least. The gold details give the room a sophisticated and expensive look.

Use of indoor plants to decorate room
Grey brick wall


Beautiful carpet On the Floor
Leather bed

This leather bed gives this minimalist bedroom a look that is sophisticated. The white cabinets are beautiful and are used to display items at the top.

Bedroom with matching furniture
Fancy cabinetry

Creatively-designed chests and cabinets are always a good idea for minimalist bedrooms.

Beautiful chest for storage
Black and white theme

Mixing black and white details can never go wrong.

Red decorative details
Customized look

This room is unique due to its customized design. The red accessories on the bed brighten up the room.

Simple minimalist bedroom
Bed with little bedding