Mercury glass motives in your interior

Shabby chic still remains one of the most popular decoration trends in the world of design. Today we’ll talk about a piece of this style – mercury glass motives.

About the technique

The technique of mercury glass manufacturing emerged around the 1840s in Czech Republic. And like many things becoming a trend today, mercury glass (also known “silvered glass”) was originally a poor person’s silver. The secret of manufacturing was that the objects consisted of two glass walls filled with mercury between them. Such objects very much resembled solid silver on a not-so-close observation. Nowadays, of course, nobody uses such dangerous technologies, however, you can fancy yourself with safe-to-use versions of mercury glass.

New lease of life

Modern mercury glass objects attract many designers who skillfully import them into the richest houses interiors adding exquisite charm of antiquity.We can meet mercury glass accents in traditional, contemporary, modern and shabby chic interior styles. Let’s see why you may like mercury glass motives:

  1. Decorative elements of this style can perfectly blend with interiors in light and neutral colors creating a rich and elegant look in a room.
  2. In combination with modern furniture and avant-garde pieces of interior, the “silver” glass looks very much in place, making such spaces even more impressive and posh.
  3. Candlesticks, mirror frames, lanterns, vases, different pendant and glassware add a glossy and glittering look to any boring environment.
  4. Reminding us of the past, mercury glass always associates with antiques and rarity that will be met with recognition even from hypercritics.
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And, of course, everything that glitters creates the atmosphere of celebration, so mercury glass ornaments and articles will be appreciated both during holidays and everyday circumstances.





Mercury glass motives


Mercury glass motives2


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