Macrame curtains: Hard but Worthy

Macrame Curtains: Hard but Worthy
If macramé is a difficult task for you, this article will give you some fresh ideas on how to apply your skills in order to bring something new and unusual to your domestic design. Of course, before starting macramé curtains, you need to practice on something smaller in size, for example, macramé napkins, macramé lampshades or macramé bracelets. After you master smaller things, you can go on to more grandiose projects. And believe me, to make curtains from macramé knots, you will need to apply all your effort, but the result won`t disappoint you!
Tips for starters:
First of all, you need to have materials for your future DIY masterpiece. Here is the list of the materials:
1. Tightly twisted threads. Threads are the most important thing in your project. They should be tightly twisted and stiff in order to get crisp, well-defined knots. Well-defined knots will create the right relief.
2. Avoid using silk and synthetic threads. They are slippery and loose, so you will have to tighten them hard in order to get good knots.
3. A wooden bar or small cotton bag filled with salt or sand used as weighting material will make your work easier.
How to start;
• Choose the main pattern for your curtains. There are several simple patterns. The first is a chain pattern. Add something fresh to this pattern by using beads.
• Mixed patterns are also commonly used but require more skills and experience.
• Flower patterns will require threads of 2 colors.
• “Souvenir” patterns are one of the most complicated. They require 10 different threads.
• It`s better to have a well-made scheme of braiding, because you can easily get lost in your threads. You can find the schemes on the Internet or in the special magazines dedicated to macramé.s
Good luck!




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