beam ceiling above bed and blue light glass in the window

Whether you have recently become an owner of a log cabin in the country or you are just dreaming about escaping the city life and buying a house of logs far away from the busy lifestyle and exhausting gas, this article is exactly for you. It give examples of how you could decorate your real or imaginary log cabin.

Because log cabins are associated with natural materials, it will be fair to consider that most of things should be made of wood, stone, cotton and wool. Such style is known as rustic. The rustic style assumes natural forms and materials, simple color schemes and a lot of details that bring you the sense of home warmth and closeness to the nature. Ornamented carpets and rugs, sheepskin and cowhide covers, ikebanas, horns on the walls and candlesticks are some of the accessories used. Besides the logged walls, great attention is paid to the ceiling, which is also often made of wood or if it is made of stone, can be decorated with wooden beams which create the rustic style. The heart of such a house is always a wood-burning fireplace – a luxury unattainable for city apartments.

You can perfectly match modern furniture of neutral colors with the natural ambiance of the house. Select upholstery and linen made of simple fabrics without prints. An amazing log cabin decorating idea can be creating furniture elements completely out of logs. These can be coffee tables, chairs, shelves or handrails. The point is to leave the structure and form original while inventing a considerably new functional purpose.

Try to use artificial substitutes for skin and wood while implementing your design ideas. This interior style is not about killing animals for skin or cutting the trees for furniture. It is about human relations with the nature and obtaining harmony.



stone fireplace and glass metall light


beam ceiling above bed and blue light glass in the window


christmas tree eooden massive bed made of round wood


wooden furniture made made pine


light green sofa leather armchairs


wooden ledder from bottom to the top in the wooden house with fireplace


living room with soft black 4 seater sofain fron of the stone fireplace


small chalet near the lake


wooden ideas for the church


modern design ot he wooden hall with brown 3seater sofa


under the roof double bed


light colour paint for wooden house


one wooden wall in the room looks nice

fireplace stone cnew years eve