Heavy Dark Brown Curtains With Sophisticated Design

Window treatments, particularly curtains are an important aspect of any room and can transform the room significantly. It is important to choose the right curtain that suits the needs and décor of the room, in terms of length, color, design, lining and fabric. Below are some ideas to help you;

Curtains in white, blue and light brown color schemes

This living room has a bright and airy feel to it, because of the soft blue, white and light brown colors which match the soft color palettes of the furniture in the room.

Curtain in bold colors against a bright white wall

Grey curtains that complement the grey color scheme of the room

You can opt for a curtain whose color complements the color scheme of the room, to create a unified and streamlined room. In this living room, for example, light gray curtains have been used in a living room with a gray color scheme, with a gray rug, gray-colored fireplace and gray furniture.

Ivory curtains with elegant design on a metallic holder against light grey walls

One of the most important features to consider when selecting a curtain is the design. Opt for an interesting design that will make your curtain stand out in the living room.

Soft cream curtains with a sheer lining

You can never go wrong if you decide to pair a curtain with a sheer lighter curtain or when you choose a curtain that comes with a sheer lining. This combination not only creates more elegance in the room, it also lightens it because light enters the room more easily.

Long, flowy floor-length curtains with interesting design

Why not opt for long, flowy floor-length curtains such as these?

Elegant curtains with artistic detail

Series of curtains with intricate patterns

You do not have to use one or two curtains, especially if you have a large window. A series of curtains stands out particularly well in the room.

Dense curtains with sheer neutral-colored curtains

Customized window curtain with curtain holders

Blue curtains with circular patterns

Gold-colored statement curtain in a contemporary living room

Dark grey linen curtains with decorative details

Sheer curtains with flowery patterns

Heavy, black curtains matching black pillows

Heavy Dark Brown Curtains With Sophisticated Design

Gold Colored Curtains Against A Brown Toned Wallpaper

Curtains With Small Patterns Matching Tone Of The Hardwood Floor

Royal Purple Curtains That Match Room Accessories

Dark Brown Curtains In Brown Curtain Boxes With Intricate Details

Curtains With Black And White Prints Matching Prints On The Couch

Heavy Light Brown Curtains

Bold Colored Curtains With Elegant Design

High End Gold Colored Curtains

Parted White Curtains With Bold Brown Patterns

Heavy Curtains With Arched Window In The Middle

Light And Breezy Sheer Cream Curtains

Black Curtains Matching Black Pillows

Heavy Curtains In Neutral Color

Heavy Curtains With Simple Patterns

Grey Curtains That Match Tone Of The Hardwood Floor

Sophisticated Curtains With Matching Curtain Holders

Heavy curtains like the ones in the room above have a way of adding elegance and sophistication to the room.

Heavy Bold Colored Curtains

Blue Curtains With Sheer Cream Lining

Pale Blue Curtains That Contrast The Color Scheme Of The Room

Pale Blue Curtains That Contrast The Color Scheme Of The Roomliving Room Curtain Ideas

Go for soft neutral colors when choosing curtains for your living rooms, as it helps make the room feel cozy and more comfortable.