shabby table old vintage

 What can you do to turn your kitchen island into a piece of art? Well, maybe, you don`t want to make it so stunning, just need to add some interesting element in it to make it more prominent and fresh. There are new ideas for kitchen island design ideas that will add some fire to your inspiration.

  • Use lamps. Lamps above your kitchen island will look gorgeous. They can be simple or intricate, classic or modern – that`s up to you to decide. You can use your imagination and hands to make a good lamp out of nothing.

wooden kitchen style , lot`s of small light ont he sealing, square tile granit


sink in the midle of the kitchen? on the dark table with marble sutface, light in the sealing and uder the table long wires

square dining table in the middle of the kitchen , cupboard with books, big french winodws

Big bra under the table and plenty of small lights around the kitchen.plastic chairs. metal gas cooker metal fridge and freezer

  • Use high barstools. They are doomed to attract attention. And they do look stylish.


interior-cream-wooden-kitchen-island-with-brown-counter-top-and-white-wooden-stools-plus-white-wooden-cabinet-on-the-cream-floor with metal fridge



  • Use vintage furniture or furniture that looks old and shabby. Combine modern table with old-fashioned tables or otherwise.

White-Shabby-Chic-Kitchen wooden effeсе metal tube with metal

 shabby style kitche. white pillows on the chairs, orint othnament carpet on the floor

eodden beam ont he kitchen, white cabinet

rose style kitchen with green walls,plenty of small puppets on the cup board

shabby kitchen white cabinet with small lights on the sealing

  • Use color accents such as plastic tables of different colors, bright plates and candelabras.

square table withwhite chairs, smal windows with curtains

light look like candle under the table

  • Decorate the lower part of your kitchen island (if it has an open structure) with baskets, vases, candles.


fabulous-kitchen-remodeling-ideas-design-with-kitchen-table-white-ceiling-design-brown-granite-laminate-flooring-white-solid-kitchen-island-brown-wooden-kitchen-cabinets-glasses-bar-table-candles in the corner

  • Put a bright carpet under or near the table. This bright spot will attract attention.


whire salad style kitchen, white long vorse carper on the floor, soaf wooden chairs

These small elements will help you change the atmosphere in your kitchen and make it the center of attention. Pick one of them and see what will happen.

small-kitchen-island table dor the wint witch shelves, surface for the meat