Home Living Room Inspiration for Your Open Living Room Design

Inspiration for Your Open Living Room Design

Comfy, white rug
Wall partition

Open living rooms are preferred by many people and it is easy to see why. They provide plenty of space and are easy to decorate. Here are some ways you can achieve the perfect open living room design

L couch
Living room with giant window

The large window in this open living room offers a beautiful view of the outside.

Living room with large windows

The wall, floor and ceiling designs used in this living room are similar, in order to create uniformity. Purple throw pillows are used to add color to the dull look.

White-themed room

This living room has a white theme. Red and black elements have been used to add color to the room. Use of white furniture in an open living room creates a neat and visually appealing look.

Minimalist design

This living room is adjoined with the kitchen and dining room, which have hanging lights to create a beautiful impression and create distinction among the three spaces. The living room is simple, with minimal furniture.

Contemporary look

The same color and design has been used for the floor and walls throughout, so as to create a uniform look.

Adjoined living room and kitchen
Interesting wall partition

The wall partition separates the TV area from the conversation area.

Open living room design
Small open living room

The drapes used in this living room give it an exotic and bold look.

Large TV screen
Sufficient natural lighting
Bright, green rug

The green rug and indoor plants add a touch of bright colors in the room.

Adjoined dining and living room
Beautiful, indoor flowers
Wall partition

Wall partition is used to separate the kitchen area from the living room.

Spacious living room
Fun art on wall
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