Inspiration for Backyard Fire Pit Designs

Fire pits have the ability to transform your backyard into a simple yet beautiful masterpiece. Fire pits are of varying designs and sizes. They can either be permanent or temporary. If you want a fire pit that can be easily moved around the backyard, you can opt for the temporary fire pit. Below are some ideas in case you are considering erecting one in your backyard.

Patio furniture

Brown theme

The brown theme in this backyard makes people sitting around the fire pit feel close to nature.

Large yard

Contemporary fire pit

Water fountain with integrated fire pit

Gas fire pit

This fire pit design is extremely beautiful and creative. It is basically a flowing water fountain with a fire pit, creating a beautiful impression.

House with balcony

Stone pit

House with balcony

Well-trimmed lawn

Large backyard

Blue chairs

Patio furniture

This fire pit area is very simple. Small chairs have been placed around the pit, with throw cushions for extra comfort.

Balcony overlooking ocean

Bricks arranged to form floor surface

Viewers can get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the water while they warm themselves from the heat provided by this fire pit. This is an example of a temporary fire pit which can be moved to different parts of the yard.

Fire pit table

Throw pillows

Incorporating a table that also serves as a fire pit is an easy way of transitioning from day to night time. People can also relax and get warm while placing their drinks on the table.

Circular stone pit

Garden with trees

Circular table with fire pit

Brown theme

The upholstered chairs provide comfort for those sitting around the pit.

Potted plants

Seating bench

Yard surrounded with brick wall

Burning pit

Modern pergola

Gazebo in the middle of the backyard

Gazebos or cabanas can be constructed and designed to include a fire pit, so that people sitting there can enjoy the alluring view of the surrounding while staying entertained.

Benches with bright cushions

Neatly-trimmed hedge

You can also opt for a stylish, contemporary fire pit like this one.

Bench close to pit

Chairs and stools

A medium-sized fire pit in a spacious area makes for a good camping site.

Blue themed pit

Swimming pool

Grey stone pit

Wooden chairs

Seating wall surrounding fire pit

Fenced backyard

Wooden floor

Seating bench

You can construct a seating area made of wood to surround the fire pit, in case you prefer wood to stone.

Vase of flowers

Logs of wood

A traditional fire pit that is powered by wood rather than gas is also an interesting feature in a backyard. The scent of the burning wood is exciting.