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Ideas On Installing The Best Frosted Glass Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Frosted doors for the cabinets are used with a glass table to give the room an all-glass look
Glassy-appearing kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, because they provide storage space for all the tools and utensils used in the kitchen. Also, depending on how they are designed, they can improve the general outlook of your kitchen greatly. Frosted glass cabinets are especially famous for making the kitchen look beautiful. Frosted glass cabinets go with just about every theme and shade. They also bring a feeling of mystery to the kitchen. Here are some ways to achieve perfection using frosted glass cabinets:

Kitchen with bright hue
Bright kitchen
Highly-patterned kitchen

Here, the kitchen cabinet is shiny white. The frosted glass door has a sparkly appearance, while the bars on the door have an elegant pattern. The items in the cabinet give off a shiny look, while the items on the counter below the cabinet add to the luster, creating a shiny and polished look

White double cabinet

This look is simple yet interesting. As you can see, the structure is wooden, with frosted glass doors. It has been painted white, while the hinges and doorknobs are painted black. These two colors contrast beautifully.

Interior of a kitchen
Highly-placed storage space

This cabinet is meticulous. High cabinets are usually very beautiful. Here the cabinet is high, with frosted glass doors and painted black on the exterior. This black color combined with a lightly-colored and patterned brick backsplash gives a great view, especially with proper lighting.

Dull-colored kitchen

The top cabinet doors consist entirely of frosted glass. The entire room, including the floor, has been painted in two shades of grey, one light and the other dark. This gives the room a simple but very refined look, perfect for say, a bachelor’s apartment.

Beautifully-designed kitchen, with well-aligned cabinets
Frosted glass used in a contrasting manner, one opaque and the other transparent

Here, the frosted glass is clear in one cabinet and opaque in the other. These two opposite elements work together to give a bold and majestic finish.

Storage areas attached to the wall

Here, frosted glass cabinet doors are used for the top cabinets and wooden doors used for the bottom. This look is simple, with minimum details, yet eye-catching.

Expansive walk-in kitchen

This cabinet is large and its entire front section is covered in frosted glass. The door is opened by sliding the handles. This look works hand in hand with the white floor and ceiling to give a neat look. The fridge and some other surfaces are shiny silver on the outside, making this look amazing.

Modern kitchen itnerior shot with studio light
Small-sized kitchen
Bar-themed kitchen
A well-arranged pantry

The frosted glass door for the pantry has not been partitioned. It stretches out from the top to the bottom, enabling the person to get an idea of what is contained in the pantry and where.

Arabian-inspired design

There is a flowery patterned and detailed backdrop at the center. The cabinets with frosted glass are barred, complementing the lower cabinet look which has cabinets in the middle section and drawers at the ends.

Brightly-colored kitchen

The cabinets are painted white, with frosted glass cabinet doors for the upper middle cabinets. The dining area is white, creating a clean and well organized look. The backdrop is painted in a bright cream, with patterned details at the bottom, bringing life to the room. This look would be highly appropriate for a kitchen whose owner has young children.

Glassy-appearing kitchen

Both the upper and lower cabinets have frosted glass cabinet doors. The kitchen table is also made of glass, while the working counter is silvery, giving off a glass-like look in ample lighting. The flowers on the table add color and life to the room, making this look very attractive.

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