Ideas for Transforming your Entryway Storage

The entryway is the first scene residents of the home and visitors alike are exposed to when whey enter the house. Therefore, the entryway storage has to be highly appealing. Home owners can opt to express their sense of style through their design of the entryway storage, for instance, you can make the area have a minimalist or contemporary design, depending on your preferences.

White shoe rack

Metal coat racks

Black-painted hanging racks

White walls

Storage baskets, crates and storage boxes are an essential part of entryway storage. They provide functionality, as you are able to store more items, while improving the general outlook of the room.

Shelf adjoined to wall

White sheer drapes

Indoor plant in yellow vase

Closet with lower drapes

Fancy glass chandelier with decorative details

White staircase

Drawers are also a common element of most entryway storage spaces. Drawers enable the home owners to store in a way that is neater and less hectic. The lovely chandelier also gives this room a classic and elegant look.

Photographs displayed on shelf

Seating area in entryway

White area rug with patterns

Light-colored hardwood floor

Ornamental and silverware displays

White door

To give a personal touch to your entryway storage, consider displaying items such as photographs, antique items, ornaments and other accessories on the walls or shelves.

White metal storage boxes

Fuzzy white rug

Small area rugs complement the design of the entryway storage. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a simple plain rug or one with patterns.

Large window with view of outside

Black and white photographs

Medium-sized wooden main door

Simple flower arrangement

Grey couch adjacent to door

Cream walls

Black stone floor

Clothes hanging from hooks

Neatly folded towels

Slightly patterned rug

White glass door with rectangular panes

Dark wooden floor

White walls

Blue shoe rack

Elegant black candleholders

Beautiful view of the outside

Exotic flower arrangement in white vase

Adjustable shoe rack

If you don’t want the items that you have stored to stay invisible, you can consider covering up the storage area or creating a storage area that can be closed.

Simple wallpaper

Bright room

Shoe holder on wall

Grey floor