tale story room with curtains nook

Whether it is a rainy stay-at-home weekend, sunny slow morning or gold sparkling night in the heart of a busy downtown neighborhood where you apartment is located, it is always such a pleasure to sit on the windowsill and read a favorite book, write a line in a blog or just watch the life outside while enjoying a cup of coffee. I bet everyone has at least one window at home that completely suits such purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you have a wide or narrow window sill, you can create a functional window seat for it. To add neatness and comfort, you may create a DIY window seat cushion.
You will be surprised to know that this can be done only in half an hour and with minimal effort and materials. First, you need to measure the windowsill or bench in front of it to calculate the sizes. You will need the following materials and tools:

  • Foam (2 inches thick)
  • Cloth
  • Plywood
  • Scissors (or blade)
  • Staple gun

The process of mounting is not difficult but you may ask somebody to help you:

  1. Cut the foam with the scissors or blade to a size a little bigger than the plywood size in order to soften the edges. Lay the cloth face down, then lay the foam in the center and then cover it with plywood.
  2. Pull the fabric tightly on the plywood, then staple the fabric to the back of the plywood.
  3. Accurately fold the corners and staple again.
  4. The cushion is now ready to be turned around and cover the window seating place.

Tip # 1: Searching online you can find discounts for fabric and foam.
Tip # 2: The window cushion fabric remnants as well as other fabric that you like can be used to sew some pillows for your new window seat.
Enjoy your window cushion and let it inspire you with new ideas!


green white pillows cushion


kitchen style cushion summer time


night view at dinner cushion set


white nook style wich cushion decor


white curtains and red sofa with white nook


blue seater whith white cushion set on the square nook


london district view of brown nook with set of cushion



leather red and black classic style view


creme cushion set on the nook


white nook with red seater and cushin stripe set


library at home above white cushion set


woode style cushion on the nook board


cushion set in the hall with 2 draws


example of coloured pillow set


bright coloured cushion on the white bench


tale story room with curtains nook