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Girls’ Bedroom Style

White lighting fixture
White bed curtains

Here are some brilliant ideas on decorating girls’ bedrooms

Bookshelf in bedroom

Girls’ bedrooms are all about pink. Use a lot of pink elements, accessories and furniture to create the full girlish look. Bright shades of pink give the room a colorful look.

Bright flowers
Fuzzy white rug

Combining white and dull shades of pink helps create a girlish look that is toned down.

Functional furniture

Girls’ rooms are all about large closets.

Bunk bed

Purple is generally a girls’ color so including it in a girls’ bedroom creates a girlish feel.

Bedroom mirror mounted on wall

For an elegant girls’ room, mix up as many bright olors as you can

Large bedroom window

The large window helps brighten up the room, adding to the girlish look

Fancy bedside lamp with patterns

Girls’ bedrooms are all about patterns. The more the patterns used, the better.

Blue theme

Using a lot of blue details like in this room helps create a girlish yet sophisticated look.

Pink, upholstered chair

Including a few upholstered furniture in light color shades helps complete the whole girly look.

Elegant flower display

One of the simplest ways of decorating a girls’ bedroom is by using simple wallpaper with simple details.

Bright bedroom

The purple color of the wall and the art details on the wall help enhance the girly look of the room. The white bookshelf with pink details further enhances the girlish and feminine look.

Pouffes with bright patterns

While decorating a girls’ bedroom, do not shy away from accessorizing. The more the accessories, the easier it is to achieve a chic and girly look.

Pink bed

Sheer drapes help brighten the room by letting in light and also create a chic look.

White bed curtains
Small bed

Small metal beds painted white or pink are a common element of girls’ bedroom.

Storage shelf adjacent to window

The playful art on this bedroom curtain adds to the girlish look.

Black storage cabinet

Sheer drapes in colors such as light red, white and pink help enhance the feminine look.


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