Fun and Colorful Designs For Your Children’s Playroom

Designing the perfect playroom for your children can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what your child wants. It is a very important room and nothing should be left to chance while decorating it, as it is essential to a child’s development seeing how kids spend so much time there. Here are some ways you can achieve the perfect playroom. Just use a lot of fun accessories and bright colors.

Elegant room with cool art

Cool tree painting on wall

An elegant playhouse with arty pieces like paintings will be highly appreciated by the child. The kids can play on the floor or sit by the table.

Cartoonified playroom

Polka dot theme

Polka dot design has been used in a naughty and playful way here. Cartoon drawings on the wall are a good playful addition.

Forest-themed room for child to play in



Room with beautiful paintings on walls and ceiling

Marine theme


Simple playroom

Slide for kids


Bright rug in the center of the room

Fun bunk bed

The bunk bed in the room is fun and exciting because it looks like a tree house. Any child will be excited to have it in their room.

Fun animal toys

Ample shelving for storage

While making a playroom, add shelves where you can store and display items like toys. This creates an orderly and organized look.

Combined spaces in the house

Adjoined rooms

If you have limited room, you can set apart a portion for the playroom in one room of the house, say the living room, also enabling you to keep an eye on the child.

Green themed room with playhouse

Green theme

Bold and elegant accessories

Customized design


Simple playroom

Spectrum of colors

A simple design also works well. Rugs and pillows of assorted colors have been used to add color to the room. The seating area also doubles as a storage area on the low end, which can be opened to store items.

Room with centralized seating area

Array of storage boxes

The shelves and storage boxes have been moved to the wall, leaving space in the middle for playing. The storage boxes are multipurpose and can also be sat on.

Colorfully accessorized room

Large centrally-placed TV screen

This room boasts of so much life and color. The large TV in the centre provides entertainment for the child when they are bored.

Pink playroom

Warm playroom

Painting the playroom in a warm shade of pink creates a homely and serene feeling. This design is just perfect for a child’s playroom.

Sufficient shelving and wall cabinets

Well-lit room

While designing the playroom, ensure there is sufficient entry of light into the room like in this room. The shelves and wall cabinets provide storage space and a system of keeping things in order.

Highly customized playroom

Futuristic theme

You can always experiment with different designs and ideas to create a unique and highly customized playroom. You don’t have to limit yourself.