The kitchen is not just merely a place for cooking and dining. The kitchen is the life of the home, since that is where meals are prepared and enjoyed by the entire family. For this reason, it is important that all home owners put a lot of effort into the decoration of the kitchen. There is a variety of design styles and themes that home owners can choose from. The French country kitchen design is a rich and alluring design, allowing you to make the most out of your kitchen space while creating a comfortable and friendly environment for your family. This design can help you achieve a sophisticated look in your kitchen, without actually spending a lot of money. Here are some simple tips on creating a French country kitchen

Shiny overhead chandelier
White cabinets
Upholstered dining chairs
White dish rack

When designing your French country kitchen, use pale and neutral colors such as white and cream. These colors are soft to the eye and help create a warm and welcoming environment.

Cabinet with stone tabletop
Brown hardwood floor
Yellow vases with flowers
Simple wallpaper
Curtains with simple patterns
Large windows
Patterned area rug
Brick wall
White dining furniture
Striped drapes
Small kitchen
Red wallpaper with patterns
White-themed kitchen
Overhead lights
Row of arranged dining chairs
Simple kitchen

When designing and decorating your French country kitchen, make sure that the island is large. French country kitchens usually have large islands that serve as the preparation area for food and dining area for family and guests.

Refrigerator in the corner
Hanging cooking pans

The island is one of the main points of a French country kitchen. While designing your kitchen, make this feature stand out by highlighting it. You can do this by painting in a color that contrasts that of the rest of the kitchen. However, make sure that you still use a pale and neutral color.

Large wooden dining table
Tile backsplash
Spacious kitchen
White sink
Shelf with containers
Display of plates
Windows providing natural lighting
Round dining table

French country kitchens also make use of outdoor-style lighting, so put this in mind when installing your lighting features.

Fancy yellow drapes
Long island with wooden cabinets
Wooden ceiling
White tablecloth
Kitchen with precious view of outside
Ceiling with wooden beams

Since the French country kitchen makes use of some elements of rustic design, you can incorporate a rustic design into your kitchen. One of the ways you can achieve this is by using wooden beams on the ceiling. Also, since the French country design is inspired by the natural landscape and environment, this style incorporates many natural materials into its design. Some of the most commonly used natural materials are wood, brick and stone.

Creative chandelier
Display of photographs
Beautiful island with black stone top
White ceiling

French country kitchens also make use of archways and decorative hoods. These are usually placed above the stove. They are made of a variety of materials, including stone and copper.

Red curtains with patterns
Stone floor
Beautiful kitchen lighting
Smoke detector
Neutral-colored kitchen
Fruit display




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