A family room is the most important room for a family, because that is where all the family members meet to bond and relax together. Family rooms ought to create warmth and comfort for everyone in the family. Because of this, the family room needs to align to the needs of everyone in the family and make everyone comfortable. Accomodating the needs of all family members also means family rooms can never be the same, since family compositions are different in every home. Here are some concepts you can make use of;

Large grey plump sofas and heavy, comfy throw pillows

One of the most essential elements of any family room is large, deep and comfy sofas. Since your family spends a long time in the family room relaxing, it is important to provide a comfortable and relaxing seating arrangement. Most activities enjoy watching television together and in such a case, comfortable sitting furniture is needed.

Personalized living room with a black and white framed photo gallery

Personalized décor styles will always work better than normal styles that can be seen everywhere. One simple way to personalize your family room is through inclusion of a photo gallery which contains photos of the members of the family. Black and white photos in frames work especially well. For the best look, the photo gallery should be placed against a large extent of a wall above a long sofa or above a sideboard. Here, the gallery has been placed above a long sofa.

The gallery looks even better because it is bordered by a black lampshade and green indoor plant on both sides. The bright green indoor plants create great contrast against the dark shades.

Large and spacious family room with open shelving and cabinets

Storage is an important element that should always be taken into account in the design of all family rooms. Since the family room brings together everyone, there will be kids who will want to play with their toys and adults who want to read or engage in other activities. Having storage helps store items such as books and toys, leaving the family room appearing neat and free of clutter.

Open shelving is another great concept that you can make use of. Apart from solving storage problems, the open shelves let you display items that accessorize the room as well. A rug such as the one seen here is also a brilliant accessory.

Spacious family room with stone fireplace that breathes warmth and comfort into the room

Bold blue wall section and blue décor used sparingly

It can be difficult to create a design and décor that will appeal to both adults and children. It can be particularly challenging when deciding the color scheme. Blue is a good color to paint a family room for both adults and kids. Blue lends a vibrant hue that adds life to the room. Apart from painting the walls blue, you can also add blue décor and furniture as seen here.

Blue works especially well when combined with white, as observed in this family home.