square plastic board with the fan in the bedroom

Most people do not think much about their ceiling when renovating or redecorating their house. Everything else matters, while the ceiling is just given a fresh coat of white paint and that’s it. However ceiling designs are here to change that. If you do your ceiling right, then your house can be completely transformed. There are so many designs of false ceilings that can be customized to meet your standards in terms of personal style and fantasies. False ceilings can be installed in your living room, kitchen and even bedroom.
There are a lot of different designs that can be used to make your false ceiling design. One very common yet elegant design that can be used to spice up your home is LED lights. This design incorporates the use of dropped ceilings and LED lights to make a stylish design for your home. This design is loved by most people since the lights are more affordable and you do not incur more costs powering them up.
Another beautiful design is bamboo ceilings. As the name suggests, these designs are created using bamboo, giving theroom a much more natural feel. It is created using bamboo sheets that are designed using Plaster of Paris, which adequately fixes the bamboo onto the ceiling. The design would be perfect for the living room or bedroom since it is simple but equally as elegant. Bamboo is long-lasting as well as versatile meaning you can do a lot with it. More designs include:

  • Spotlight.
  • Glass vent hood.
  • Wood block ceilings.
  • Plasterboard designs.
  • Ceiling paintings.
  • Aluminum designs.


You could choose a different design for different rooms so as to make your house more modern and create a rich look that you will enjoy seeing every single day.
ceiling from plastic board

white round ceiling from plastic board with small round lights

square ceiling from plstic board

ceiling from wooden beam and plasticboard

beautifull ceiling in the living room

rustic decor ceiling from crossed beams

ceiling with chimney in the dining hall

false ceiling from plasticboard

false ceiling with small round lights

ceiling from woods and plaster

white ceiling with wooden chahdlier

ceiling with blue lights

round plastic ceiling with four lights

square plastic board with wooden square lanterns

square wooden ceiling with blue led lights

square plasticboard ceilinf with wooden beams