Purple-inspired room with partitioned glass ceiling
Well-lit living room

Everyone loves sunrooms. These kinds of rooms are perfect for creating ambiance in your home. If you love rooms with ample lighting, sunrooms are the best idea because the glass walls and ceiling allow penetration of light into the room. They are also perfect if you want to get an outdoor feel in your home. It is like living in a beautiful botanical garden.

Tropical-inspired living room with bright accessories
Brightly-decorated living room


A creative idea while decorating a sunroom is going for a tropically-inspired look. Here, a white couch is accessorized with bright, well-patterned cushions. The view of plants outside the house adds further to the tropical look.

Japanese-inspired living room with indoor plants
Spacious living room

The design of this room is Japanese-inspired, from the ceiling down to the furniture. The seats are brown, creating an earthy feeling. The look of the room matches with that of the garden.

Simple room with ample accessories
Simple sunroom

This sunroom is small and very simple. There are a lot of accessories like the carving of the lion, rug and basket. The furniture do not match, creating a look that clashes beautifully.

A neatly-arranged living room
A living room

The furniture in this room has been well aligned to the wall, leaving space in the midsection. A polished coffee table is at the center, with other wooden furniture across the room, decorated by potted plants.

Simple relaxing room with clear view of the outside and beautiful indoor plants
Room with beautiful view of the exterior of the house


Outdoor-inspired sunroom with a variety of indoor plants
Lively room

For an outdoor inspired sunroom, the furniture needs to be very simple. The sofa bed is hardly noticeable, giving the plants a chance to be more visible. The pillows are dull-colored so that they don’t overshadow the plants. The other furniture is made out of wood, a natural material, adding to the outdoor look.

A room of a house close to water
Room with view of water

Sometimes simple furniture is just what you need for your sunroom. This room has little and very basic furniture, from which you get to enjoy the view of the water.

: A modern-looking living room with many windows and fancy rugs
Room with modern furniture

This sunroom has a glass ceiling at the middle and many windows. The white walls make the room appear brighter .The furniture is modern-inspired and a little casual.

Small sunroom with simple, polished wooden furniture and a beautiful view of the garden
Simple well-decorated room
Japanese-inspired living room with patterned accessories and a porch at the back
A spacious living room

The color and patterns of the furniture used in this room are Japanese-oriented. The coffee table is simple and carved. Most of the other furniture has a curved design.

: Beautiful well-aligned living room with a view of the garden
Beautiful living room


Purple-inspired room with partitioned glass ceiling
Well-lit living room

You can also opt to go with a single color scheme. The seating area has a lot of purple accessories that liven up the room. The furniture is patio-inspired, creating a casual look.

Victorian-style living room with ample wooden furnishings
Victorian-inspired living room

The three-seater couch on the far end gives the room a Victorian feel because of the patterns. The other couches are standard. The room has a lot of wooden accessories, starting with the wooden coffee table and wooden stands all around the room.

Asian-inspired living room with ample space for movement
A spacious living room

Alternatively, you can choose to have minimum furniture in the sunroom so that the light is not blocked furniture, while also providing ample space for movement. Both the couches the dining chairs are simple and wooden, with wooden armrests. The couches have highly-patterned cushions whose color matches that of the tree outside, giving the room a Chinese-like look.

Porch with bright furniture and patterned accessories
The porch of a house

For a sunroom porch, the furniture should be simple and minimal. The couches are white and have been accentuated with white cushions which have dark patterns. A small, simple brown wooden table and brown wooden stand for the lamp stand have been added for more decoration.