Dining chairs upholstered in black leather
Light-colored wooden floor

Rustic kitchens mostly feature aged wood cabinets and cozy fireplaces. The result is usually a warm and welcoming look that is typical of old farmhouses. Here are some easy ways through which you can achieve the same look in your kitchen;

Wooden floor
Hanging lights

Hanging lights are a common element of rustic kitchens. They look even better when hanging above an antique dining table surrounded by antique dining chairs.

Walls made of stone
Stone countertop

Elements of stone are also a necessity in rustic kitchen designs. For a beautiful look, use stone in a fireplace hearth or use stone walls. The stone can also be used for the countertops, especially granite or quartz.

Upholstered stool
Large blue flower vase

The blue wooden beams and blue vases help add a touch of color to this rustic kitchen, making it look lively.

Spacious kitchen
Brown stone floor

Stone floors in brown color help create a warm and alluring look.

Kitchen with bar area
Dark wood

Wooden elements are necessary in any rustic design. Dark wood in a rustic kitchen creates a sense of warmth and a welcoming air.

Vintage-style furniture
White stone floor

Vintage design elements can be mixed with rustic elements to create the perfect blend of rustic and antique designs. Here, the white stone wall creates a rustic touch and the antique table and cabinets create an antique look.

Adjacent staircase
Open kitchen
Stone floors
Pendant lights
Frosted glass cabinets
Hanging pans and pots

Rustic kitchens are a lot about accessories. In rustic kitchens, pans and pots are hung as a way of storing them and also as a way of accessorizing the kitchen. Wrought-iron pot racks and gleaming copper pots hanging from hooks on walls and ceilings induces the rustic feel.

Plain kitchen
Burning cooking stove
White-washed rustic kitchen
Large windows

White is a common color in rustic kitchen designs because it is easily complemented by other accessories and contributes to the rustic feel. This rustic kitchen also has a feminine touch to it, infused by the chairs covered in textiles with pretty patterns, the curtains and the small pretty rug.

Black cabinets
Hints of red

Barn-colored red in a rustic kitchen designs adds a feel of country that is reminiscent of rustic designs.

Blue cabinet
Aluminum sink with marble countertop
Dining chairs upholstered in black leather
Light-colored wooden floor
All-wooden kitchen
Refrigerator against wall
All-wooden kitchen
Refrigerator against wall
Brown armchairs
Simple kitchen
Beautiful backsplash
Colored pendants
Large glass windows
Simple area rug

Rugs in simple patterns are a common part of rustic designs. The large windows enhance the country look by providing a view of the countryside landscape.

Wooden beams on ceiling
Large kitchen
Creative lighting fixture
Metal faucets

Here, wood has been used in two different accents; light and dark, to create a contrasting yet beautiful country feel.  So, here are some more pictures.