Grater hanging lights
Food grater

DIY projects are getting increasingly popular these days. It is fun doing your home improvement projects by yourself. It is fun and also gives you the chance to come up with a unique and customized look. Here are some DIY ways of installing the best and most beautiful and unique hanging lights. You can convert some items and also recycle others for customized hanging lights. Here is some inspiration for you:

Grater hanging lights
Food grater

Food graters can be used with hanging lights to create a breath-taking lighting system. Use two or more graters for an even better experience.

Lights enclosed in wide glass jars
Bright lighting


Green-colored lights for the outdoor
Outdoor lights

Here, special green bulbs have been used to provide lighting for the outside. Their special design makes them appear as part of the tree.


Wine glass lights with wired addition
Wine glasses

The best hanging lights are usually enclosed in glass. Find an attractively-designed glass like a wine glass and you will be amazed with the results. Here, metal wires have been tied around the exterior of the glass for a more sophisticated look.

Connected glass lighting
Glass jars


Enclosed hanging lights
Glass cages

Use of glass cages with patterned metal at the top creates beautiful lighting.

Series of hanging lights
Glass jars tied around with strings


Shimmery lighting
Frosted glass jars


Bulbs fitted on metal pipe
Metal water pipe


Lanterns converted for use as hanging lights
Lantern chandelier

A series of lanterns fitted with special, shimmering bulbs is a simple way to make your own chandelier.

Chandelier-like glass hanging lights
Customized lighting system


Converted bottle lights
Glass bottles


Wine glass lights with metal holders
Wine glasses

Here is another way wine glasses can be used in hanging lights. Metal holders have been used for support and to also add a unique twist to the lighting, as opposed to just hanging the glasses directly from the ceiling.

Glass jars with cool art
Glass jars

Any material made out of glass can be converted for use as hanging lights. Lights are enclosed in these glass jars which have cool art drawn on them, making the lights seem more like an art showcase.

Chandelier-like lighting
Ordinary bulbs

Here, ordinary bulbs have been inter-connected with black wires to create a beautiful lighting system that resembles a simple chandelier.

Wine bottle lighting
Hanging bottle

Wine bottles are perfect for creating hanging lights yourself. Just cut off the bottom of the bottle and hang them. Here, the green color of the bottles provides cool and dim lighting which is friendly to the eyes.


Modified can lighting
Recycled cans

Modify the cans of beverages and canned foods by removing the exterior wrapping and making holes in the can for use as hanging lights.