Decorating your home with photographs is a great way and extremely simple way of personalizing it and making any space feel like your own. However, the way you choose to hang the photos opens up a world of possibilities – especially for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Below are a few creative photo wall hanging ideas that will definitely revamp your space.

Getting Started

Save your time and protect your walls from damage caused by misplaced holes by using a track mounted high on the wall. The system comprises of a track at the intersection of the ceiling and wall with cables or rods following the wall surface. Next, hang your photos or art from the rods or cables using fittings and hooks.

This hanging system allows designing your wall display with actual pieces, instead of replicas. In addition, it gives you the freedom to design, change your mind and even add or remove pictures at any time. Overall, this hanging system is a simple way of achieving versatile and easy picture wall displays that can change with the seasons or years.

Using Black and White Photos

Put up black and white photos on your walls to limit color variables that would require balancing with your current décor. Balancing colorful photos with your décor can be difficult, and this simple hack will help you solve it. You can also get portrait paintings of photos done in B&W – here’s where to buy – for an unusual mix.

Converting your color photos to black and white is relatively easy in today’s digital world. In addition, this technique helps disguise some issues with older photos that have yellowing or fading.

Use a Common Frame Construction Element

If you have black frames for all your prints and art pieces, use that color to organize your wall art gallery. Using one color, for example, on all your frames is an effective way of repeating the color and matching it up with other accessories in your room like a banister or skylight. This strategy is particularly effective if your photos have different sizes and feature different subject themes.

Repeat Room Color Theme

You can also use frames that continue your room’s color scheme. For instance, you can use natural wood frames to repeat a room’s wall soft tones. In a room with white tones furnishings and white trim finish, the wood frames help in balancing the décor.

Use Mattes

Don’t be afraid to incorporate liberal sized frame mattes. Most people have a vintage photo collection of 4 x 6-inches or 8 x 10 inches, which is quite small once you mount on the wall. Fortunately, you can utilize mattes to increase their physical size for them to be more worthy hanging on your walls. Apart from using black and white photos and framing them in some of the commonest frame colors, you should consider including elements that will help enhance the theme.

Showcase Kids’ Artwork

Another way of adding artwork to your walls is by putting children’s artwork – and most people have a good supply! In addition, the genre is considered inexpensive and it helps in lessening the amount of clutter on your refrigerator door.

Apart from framing kids’ artwork, consider not framing it at all. Since the genre is fluid, your young Picasso may be inspired to come up with a better art piece, tomorrow. Instead of framing, simply insert the latest masterpiece into acrylic sleeves that you’ve already installed on your wall. The easy open tops allow seamless removal and insertion of documents, photos and drawings.

Mix Frames

One of the best ways to introduce fun into your room with photos and art pieces is by using an eclectic mixture of frames. Blending several fun colors and themes is especially a great idea if you have many things you want to up on your photo wall. However, start by hanging larger pieces and filling in around them.

Get Creative

In addition to using photos, consider other options like portrait paintings or even upside down dishes for a memorable gallery wall. Using unusual pieces lets you think outside the box, and you’ll be amazed by what you can create.


While photo wall displays or photo gallery walls might look complex, using the DIY tips will make the process so much easier. Having a photo wall gallery will instantly transform any room or hallway. Plus, once you incorporate some favorite family photos, you have an inexpensive wall art right in your home.