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DIY: Make your Own Faux Sheepskin Lelt

White sheepskin fabric

If ou are a alover of DIY projects, why not try making a faux sheepskin lelt. As you will see, this DIY project is one of the easiest, not to mention that it is also very fun. Also, this project goes easy on our budget since it requires minimum materials. It also entails few steps and you can finish it in less than five minutes. Below are the steps involved in making a faux sheepskin lelt;

The first step, of course, is acquiring the fabric. Here, we used a white fabric.

The next step involves laying the piece of fabric flat on the ground and cutting it into two equal pieces. The size of your fabric will depend on the size of the chair that you want covered. In this case, each of the two pieces of fabric measured 3ft x 2ft. The sheepskin lelt can be used to cover the side, back or on the arms of the chairs. Since we have two equal pieces of fabric, we can make lelts for two chairs.

In this project, we have used Mongolian faux fur fabric, which is both elegant and easy to work with. Here, we used a plain whitev piece Mongolian faux fur.

Using a dark pencil, trace out some shapely curves on the Mongolian faux fur fabric that you have. You can trace out the fabric using different shapes; choose the shape that you feel is most alluring. Shaping the fabric will give you a neat and edgy look, as opposed to the fabric having a regular shape.

After carefully tracing out the shapes you have drawn on the faux fur, cut it out using a pair of scissors, as seen below. While drawing the shape you want to draw out on the faux fur, make sure that it is dark enough so that you can be able to follow the pattern while cutting out the fabric using the pair of scissors.

This fabric is easy to use since it does not continuously shed or fray on the edges as you cut it

Another advantage of this Mongolian faux fur is that the fabric is also strong in the back area, which means that you do not need to hem it or add more fabric to it in the back region.

After completing the above step, you are now done with making your sheepskin lelt. Easy, right? Now all you have to do is fluff up the left and place it on the chair. Fluffing up the left before putting it on the chair will give you a fuller and more appealing look.

You can place the lelt on the chair using a variety of styles.


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