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DIY Dining Table Ideas

Dinner room furniture with curved shape
Highly customized table

Buying a brand new table can prove to be expensive and you might not get what you wanted in terms of design. It therefore, becomes necessary for you to build your own table. Here are a few creative ideas for you;

Small table
Attached boards

This table was built simply by attaching several pieces of wood together. It is large and heavy, creating a majestic and commanding atmosphere in the room.

Matching dinner room furniture

The table has been made from reclaimed wood. If you have wood that has been previously used for another purpose just lying around, you can work on it to produce a table instead of wasting it.

Table and bench set
Adjoined wood


Dining table

This table incorporates thevuse of custom, metal legs in its design, giving it a fresh new twist. The look is very personal and unique.

Rustic table


Dark theme


Pine and oak


Use of contrast

This table uses contrasting details to create a beautiful look. The dark tabletop contrasts beautifully with the white details in the bottom.

Highly customized table


Blending furniture

This table has been created to match the aesthetic of the room. This look is further enhanced by the high amount of lighting.

Shiny tabletop


Wooden table

This use incorporated wooden beams in his design of table legs. The way the beams are placed to create an ‘X’ shape gives the table a fresh twist.

Stained table

This table is very simple but has a stained and unpolished look to it, making it blend in perfectly with the color of the dining chairs used.

Matching dinner furniture

New farmhouse tables cost so much. You will save a lot of money if you just make one yourself.

Warm look
Adjoined cabinet

In order to save space, you can build your table with an adjoined cabinet for storage purposes, so that the table provides space solutions due to its multi-purpose design.

Dining table
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