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Designing your Terraced Garden

Terraced gardens can help you achieve a rich and luxurious look in your home. Although they seem hard to create, they can actually be made easily. Whether you have a small or big garden, you can always find a way to create a beautiful and elegant terraced garden. Although terraced gardens are mostly used in gardens in urban areas, they can still be adopted into other styles of gardens. Terraces in gardens also help provide you a clear pathway that you can walk on without making your feet or shoes dirty, while also improving the design of your garden. Terraces also come in handy if you have a garden on a hilly or slopy landscape, since it heps protect the plats and flowers when it rains.

Large trees

This contemporary garden features a simple yet elegant design. The steps are neatly laid out and the containing walls are painted in an exotic white color. The backyard fire pit also adds life to the garden.  Above which there are containing walls made of wood


Wall painted white
Green grass
Medium sized swimming pool

If you have a large garden with different levels and sections, then you should consider building many terraces. This backyard, for instance has many terraces that connect the house to the swimming pool and the garden section with plants. The terraces are made from different materials such as wood and concrete, creating a rich and diverse look.

Potted flowers
Wooden fence painted purple
Brick wall painted white
Adjacent water body
Wooden ceiling
Large door
Brick wall
Beautiful view of city
Small trees



Instead of having a plain and boring terrace in your garden, you can spice up the look by adding fun and exciting features such as ponds and waterfalls. This will make your garden look more natural.

Stone pathway
Simple front yard
Patio furniture

This contemporary home design makes the perfect use of the terraces. The steps leading away from the house merge perfectly with the little pond to introduce the visitor or homeowner to the small and serene serene patio.

Wide selection of plants and flowers

This terrace has a natural and intimate feel that is provided by the wood. The grey color of the wood also provides a more natural tone, making one feel closer to nature amid all the plants and flowers that are growing.

Purple flowers



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