Decorating White and Blue Bedrooms

Bedrooms with white and blue themes are not only beautiful but also easy to decorate. The look is timeless and classic. Accessories such as mats, curtains, drapes and carpets can easily be used to create the perfect white and blue bedroom. Wallpapers are also a common element of white and blue bedroom themes. Here are some ways to decorate a white and blue bedroom.

Grey wallpaper


The grey wallpaper blends in perfectly with the white and blue theme of the room. The bookshelf and lower cabinet also adds life to the bedroom.

Wallpaper with patterns

Large window

White drapes

White bed

White and blue bedding

Hardwood floor

Sheer blue curtains with patterns

Glass stand

The sheer blue drapes and their beautiful patterns add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the white and blue bedroom. The small transparent glass stand also adds appeal to the space.

White ceiling

White cabinets

White and blue rug

Metal bed

Hardwood floors are a common part of white and blue bedrooms, because they easily complement the white and blue color theme. A part of the floor can be covered in a fuzzy white rug or white and blue rug.

White fuzzy rug

Art display on wall

The natural lighting provided by the windows adds a bright and lively feel to this white and blue bedroom.

Blue upholstered chair

Fancy rug

White rug with geometric patterns

Upholstered bench at foot of bed

Bedcover with bright patterns

Beautiful light fixture

Light hardwood floor

Grey bed cover

Sheer white drapes

Small bed

The sheer drapes and patterns on the duvet and pillowcases help add a chic and feminine look to this white and blue bedroom. The butterflies painted on the walls add further to the delicate feminine touch.

Plates on wall

Blue rug

Blue and white bedrooms can be made to look even more alluring by displaying antiques and decorative pieces. Here, antique-style plates have been fixed to the wall, improving the appearance of the room.

Black and white decorations

Small shelf

The black and white decorative pieces and the patterns help add bursts of color to the blue and white bedroom, without overpowering the white and blue theme. The bold black and white patterns give the bedroom a beautiful appearance.

White and blue pillows

Blue walls

Large windows


This bedroom is the perfect blend of white and blue bedroom and contemporary bedroom. The white and blue theme has been applied to a contemporary and minimalist bedroom, resulting in a simple yet beautiful space.

White television on wall


The pale blue and white wallpaper with bold patterns create an antique look in this bedroom. The antique look is further improved by the antique-style furniture.

Black chandelier

Black and white rug

Bedroom with balcony

Poster bed

Grey wallpaper


small cat