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Decorating Men’s Bedrooms

Raised poster bed
Fancy wall art

While bedrooms for the female usually boast of light and extravagant details, men’s bedrooms on the other hand usually need to be bold, mostly gray, brown and black. They need to be simple and should not go overboard on the details. Here are some tips on decorating men’s bedrooms:

Animal painting

This room has few accessories but they really stand out. The painting, antique cabinet and animal skin are a breath of fresh air.

Fancy grey rug

This all-white room contrasts sharply with the black bed and grey carpet.

Indoor plants

The indoor plants create a calm effect in this bedroom and the outdoor view makes the room interesting.

Black themed bedroom

This black-themed bedroom is very elegant. There is a drawer and small bookshelf by the bedside and shelves above the bed. On the other side of the room are one- seater couches.

Simple bedroom

The grey in this bedroom creates a bold look. The room is simple, with just the bed and two cabinets, making it suitable for the average man.

Custom bedroom

The details in this room create a masculine and adventurous atmosphere.

Hanging lights


Beautiful chandelier

The details in this bedroom like the chandelier create sophistication and elegance. The high window lets in natural light, keeping the room bright.

Fancy cabinets

The black and white elements work together perfectly to create a dark hue.

Natural-colored furniture


Fancy wall art


Cozy bed


Narrow bed


Red theme

The red theme here creates a lovely and romantic atmosphere.

Personalized bedroom


Neutral colors


Floral curtain

For this bedroom, the large windows provide entry of natural light, brightening up the room and also give the beautiful view of the trees.

Photographs on wall


Wooden details

This bedroom uses wood as the center of its design, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wooden floor
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