Décor for our Hallway Wall

When decorating our house, it is easy to ignore the hallway. Most people do not think that decorating the hallway is important when, in reality, the design and decoration of the hallway contributes a lot to the entire design of the house. Below are some simple ways you can decorate your hallway wall. Mostly, it is through the use of framed pictures, art pieces and wallpaper.

Large television screen

Simple wallpaper with appealing patterns

Wallpaper is a fairly common way of decorating the hallway. In this home, the owner used neutral-colored wallpaper with simple patterns on one side and two sets of wooden doors facing each other on the other side, for a very appealing design.

Stairway with carpet

Photographs in frames

Long carpet with patterns

Adjacent bookshelves

If you love collecting or reading books, what better way to fill up your empty hallway than with shelves full of books? This will not only save you space, especially if you have a small house,  but also breath life into your otherwise plain and boring hallway.

Wall with stone sections

Simple hardwood floor

It is always a good idea to line our hallways with indoor plants. Indoor plants in large pots are a great ad easy way to accessorize hallways. Place them against the wall so that people walking by do not accidentally trip on them.

Walls painted white

Series of framed photographs

Another simple way of decorating your hallway is by placing hanging framed photographs along the hallway. You can place the photographs on one side of the hallway wall or on both sides.

Wooden cabinet at end of hallway

Hallway carpet with a geometric design

White-painted ceiling

Simple lights

Antique accessories

Red brick walls

This room looks really unique and elegant. The red brick walls give this room an exquisite look.

Black and white floor

Vase of flowers

White, wooden doors with knobs

Beautiful lighting system

Wooden dining table

Glass window

Grey theme

Grey stone wall

Terrace steps on exterior

Front door made of glass

Narrow hallway

Dark wooden floor

Simple, square area rug

Large, circular mirror

Large mirrors in interesting shapes are a fun way of decorating hallway walls.

Piece of art hanging on wall

Black and white theme

Apart from photos, you can also hung wall art on your hallway. Art is always a good accessory. Hanging art pieces like paintings and installing sculptures in the hallways helps create an environment that is peaceful and serene, like in this living room.

Small shelf


Large hallway

Red theme

When decorating the hallway, most people go for dark and dull colors, resulting in a hallway that is dark and lifeless. However, you can make your hallway to stand out and become the center of attraction by painting it in a bright color such as this wide hallway painted in bright red.

Hanging lights

Hallway table

High ceiling

Shiny floor

Living room

Large door

White wooden cabinets

Colorful carpet

spanish hallway

ledder to the first floor

long way far

green dorr in the end

clear grey walls

pictures on both sides