When selecting curtains for the hall, it is important to be flexible and allow yourself to have fun by experimenting with new and unfamiliar designs. You can have a look at some of these designs in the wide range of photos we have included in this article! Remember, fantasize, play with colors and mix styles!

What material should you choose for the curtains?

Curtains are synonymous with beauty and comfort. A curtain is more than just a piece of décor; it can change the room and transform the living space into a more welcoming zone.

The most important factor to consider when choosing fabrics for curtains is the ability of the fabric to drape efficiently and hang properly. You can only achieve proper draping and hanging if the fabric has a dense weave. The weaker the interweaving of threads, the more exposed the fabric is to the environment, heat and moisture.

Brilliant silks and taffeta, velvet and tapestries gracefully complement the beautiful tulle for the hall and are more suitable for large formal spaces. These fabrics create a bright, exciting and slightly theatrical effect. Curtains made of cotton and linen offer ease and work best at a length that just barely touches the floor.

Modern curtains: Ideas for Minimalist Designs

The style of a house is evident not only in the furniture, but also in the accessories. When curtains without frills are used in a modern style home, they induce an atmosphere of modest charm.

For a minimalist or modernized concept, white or neutral tones (gray or sandy) perform the trick. The best fabrics for these curtains are smooth fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.  Also note that the curtains should not have a finishing.

Modern curtains should only cover the windowpane or fill the entire window area, without extending to the surrounding area. The use of light fabrics and light colors is another important element to consider, since this eliminates the effect of a complete blackout.

You can use these curtains to decorate the windows in any room

Classic-style curtains: Rich textures, elegant shapes

Classic-style curtains are a real work of art, to say the least. The fabric used for classical curtains helps set the atmosphere of the room. Depending on the choice of texture and the color tone, one can set different moods. Also, light colors and textures lighten the room.

Damask curtains or classic curtains with floral motifs are characterized by elegant accessories, such as cornices made of brass, wrought iron or wood, graceful lambrequins and ornaments in form of brushes and cords. Classic curtains appear especially harmonious in traditional interiors, but also fit organically in the modern context. As a result, classic curtains work perfectly in spaces that combine modern furniture and antique decorations.

Damask curtains, which are characterized by strength and color, can basically decorate any room. They are ideal for the hall, but are also an excellent solution for use as curtains in the bedroom . However, when it comes to using damask curtains, it is essential to pay special attention to the size of the space to be covered:

In the case of a medium-sized room, you need to choose curtains with small patterns and a shade that corresponds to that of the room.The color should be in harmony with all other objects in the room so as to avoid an unpleasant effect.

Ethnic Curtain Designs: Enveloping Magic

Ethnic designs of curtains for the hall (such as Asian, Middle Eastern and African) conceal the unsurpassed magic and fantasy of the respective cultures. Choose shiny and colorful curtains in silk, cotton or linen. You can additionally recreate the décor so that it is in sync with the design of the curtains.

Ethnic curtain designs are suitable for halls decorated with ebony wood statues, utensils for incense burning and handmade wooden furniture. Interiors should be perceived as real art, and therefore, homeowners should strive to create harmony among the furniture, walls, windows and curtains, as far as the color scheme goes.

This style is not complete without traditional lamps and a variety of textiles, which, together with carpets, create warmth and comfort that is typical of exotic countries.

Have you ever thought of the artistic Peruvian style?  The color schemes for this design are red, turquoise and orange. Dark-colored furniture and white walls form an ideal backdrop for deep red and turquoise-colored cushions, paintings by Peruvian artists, religious objects, tablecloth-runners on coffee tables embroidered with Inca motifs and curtains, tapestries, rugs.

Today, one popular trend among designers is the creation of global decor, based on influences from different national and international styles. These can be fabrics from Uzbekistan and Turkey, inlaid furniture from Syria, Moroccan tiles, Argentine alpaca, old items from English collections, Italian porcelain, African artifacts or vibrant Indian accessories. Everything is combined to form a style that is now widely recognized as a global design Interior.

Fashionable curtains: Elegance in the spirit of pop art

In the mid-1950s, pop art emerged, bringing with it explosions of vitamin colors. At first it exhibited itself in painting and music, but gradually began to influence everything else- from clothes to interiors. Lively and cheerful colors adorned the furniture and accessories of the interiors inspired by the artistic movement.

Decorating a hall in pop-style art is an exciting experience. If you are interested in this idea, then you can definitely allow yourself more eccentricity when choosing furniture, textiles, lighting.

Curtains-novelties in the style of pop art include:

  • Reproductions of coloring designs and works of Andy Warhol (Bank with Campbell Soup, Golden Marilyn, Red Liz, Marilyn Monroe I Love Your Kiss Forever Forever, Mao and others);
  • Reproductions of the works of Roy Lichtenstein, another great pop artist (M-maybe, Oh … Oh well, Oh, Jeff … I love you too … But …; The sleeping girl; and so on);
  • Fantasies of the legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, especially her trademark – psychedelic peas;
  • Anime motifs by Murakami Takashi;
  • Exotic birds of Hunt Slonema.

The most popular curtains in the pop style of the 1950s include linen and cotton with floral patterns in soft colors. On the other hand, fans of the legendary sixties can pamper themselves with fluorescent colors and bizarre motifs.

Pop art curtains can be utilized to create an interesting stylistic contrast when used in unique interiors such as loft style.

Decorating a room in the style of pop art can prove to be costly, considering the originality of the decor, which includes: a “May West’s lips” couch or the marshmallow sofa, a round table surrounded by panton chairs, bright lamps and shaggy rugs in the living room.

Provence curtains- Mont Amour!

Freshness, spring, chic – symbols of the Provencal style. From the decoupage chests of pastel tones and shabby chic shelving- every object in the room should ooze of the lavender aroma of southern France. The soul of Provence – in natural textures and shades, ranges from gentle tones of lilac and pink to snow-white. If your heart seeks a refined aesthetic, then you cannot do without Provence curtains.

However, we must not forget that the choice should be guided by certain characteristics:

  • Provence curtains in pink tones are preferred by those who are slightly prone to retro;
  • Curtains in lilac tones soften the interior and at the same time demonstrate the character of the owner;
  • Curtains in white tones should be chosen with care, depending on the intensity of light required in the room;
  • Curtains in beige tones, made of cotton or linen are a good choice, particularly for the kitchen.

 Vintage style: Nostalgic notes

In recent years, the vintage style has been making a comeback. Some well-known design brands in different spheres create whole collections dedicated to vintage style, including clothes, furniture and fabrics.

The main feature of the fashion and design industry of the 1960s – 1970s was the use of bright colors and geometric motifs (diamonds, squares, circles).

Those who are inspired by vintage style can choose curtains with any of the traditional motifs that can be combined in the interior with other décor items, including tulle for the hall.

Curtains for the hall with a balcony

If we are talking about curtains on a window with a balcony , then the choices are truly limitless. This applies not only to materials and styles, but also to the models of the curtains. These include;

  • Awning curtains: white or beige (from raw silk) look exceptionally chic!
  • Classic curtains: They preserve privacy and are especially suitable for small balconies;
  • Canvas curtains: modern, stylish and ideal for large balconies.

Curtains for a hall with two windows

Charm and high class in the interior are born thanks to exquisite details. The best homeowners are always attentive to design trends and know that long curtains are an integral accessory in the interior, allowing the creation of style that enriches the atmosphere with an amazing mood. Long curtains work effortlessly well, whether it’s a large window on the top floor with a breathtaking view of the horizon or a just a small ordinary window. However, also note that only the long curtains made from beautiful fabric (with fabric loops), decorating both windows of the hall create an elegant view in the interior.

Curtains for the hall, combined with the kitchen

When decorating a studio apartment, you must follow certain rules. The two main ones are:

  • Space optimization;
  • Observance of proportions.

If your apartment is on the first floor and lacks bright lighting, you need to choose furniture and accessories that can reflect as much natural light. It is not recommended to use curtains that are too heavy or opaque. Light visuals helps to visually widen the space. Color also plays an important role in this process. If the walls are bright and are complemented by light curtains on the windows, then the feeling of spaciousness is guaranteed. Nevertheless, a strategic step that generalizes the idea of ​​space is the choice in favor of transparent and colored curtains (apricot, orange, red, purple, if these colors are justified by the general interior and do not contradict it, or curtains of pastel tones with colored accents). Following the rule of proportions, it is better to choose long curtains (preferably on the ceiling cornice). Short curtains are a wrong choice as they emphasize the small size of the room .

Curtains for the hall combined with the bedroom

In itself, the living room, combined with the bedroom  is a big compromise in the design sense. You can buy furniture, decor items, whatever you desire, but how to arrange it all in the small space poses a challenge. Therefore, when pursuing the idea of ​​a stylish interior in a small space, you need to carefully choose the decor. For the living room combined with the bedroom, the right choice is often the style of shabby chic.

Light, unpretentious, romantic curtains in the style of shabby chic are the perfect decoration for windows in the bedroom hall, since they help create a soft and muffled light that makes the environment both friendly and gentle. The perfect fabrics for the hall bedroom are almost intangible, like flax and cotton, with elegant embroidery, but no frills or floral theme.

Short curtains

Short curtains “cafes”, commonly used in kitchen windows and bathrooms, are now added to other rooms with small windows. From cotton to linen, such curtains are suitable for interiors in country style. They cover only part of the window and are attached to a cornice with the help of rings. Often, they are used together with a canopy at the top of the window, creating a multi-level effect.

Curtains “cafes” first appeared in the 19th century in Vienna, the city famous for its culture of cafes.

Tyrolean curtains bring with them a note of rustic simplicity, -which is ideal for the kitchen and the living room, especially during Christmas. Besides curtains, traditional Tyrolean décor also includes a wooden table covered with a cotton tablecloth, as well as an artificial Christmas tree. Small bells and pine cones complement the décor beautifully.

Asian curtains have their own standards: bold colors, decorative motifs and simplified lines. The themes for most Asian curtains are Asian landscapes. They look very beautiful in an oriental room, against the background of peach or brown walls. Other popular motifs for Asian curtains are the dragon and the phoenix.

Panel blinds, which act as temporary barriers and provide a practical alternative to doors, can also be used to cover windows. The choice of material is varied; from fabrics that block sunlight completely to models that allow light to enter the room in sufficient quantities.

Roman curtains

Roman blinds are a kind of window covering used to block the sun’s rays. They differ from standard curtains in that they fold, forming beautiful uniform folds. When unraveled, they are smooth, without any irregularities, just like normal blinds. They are operated using cords, allowing the user to adjust the height of the coverage area. In a typical design, the cords are attached vertically from the outside and run through evenly sewn on the fabric rings (attached to the back of the curtains). Roman curtains are available in several types:

  • Classical;
  • Loop;
  • Seamless

Roman blinds are also available in different materials – from wood to bamboo and normal fabrics.

Popular curtains with lambrequin

Curtains with lambrequin are very popular in today’s interior design. These curtains come in particularly handy when decorating small windows, especially when they are combined with Roman curtains or blinds.

Curtains on rings- Eyelets for the modern interior

Curtains on eyelets perfectly fit into the aesthetics of modern spaces, adding to the practicality and simplicity of the overall design.

DIY Curtains

If you like textiles and wish to include some decorative art in your home, the best way is by sewing your own curtains. With a few basic sewing skills, you can totally achieve this in just one day. If you do not have a sewing machine, the old method of using a needle and thread will do the same job, although it will require more time.

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