An open concept kitchen is appealing because it allows home owners to do a lot of things in the kitchen, rather than just cook. Families can gather in the kitchen and have their meals there, while also getting entertained, as amenities like televisions can be installed in the kitchen due to availability of space. The large amount of space also gives the kitchen an appealing and highly desirable look. The large amopunt of space helps the kitchen to look more organized. Here are some ways to decorate an open plan kitchen;

Overhead kitchen table light
White and green drapes

This kitchen features a lot of accessories, resulting in an effortlessly elegant look. The silvery surfaces such as the water surface add to the sophistication.

Beautiful ceiling
Tiled floor

In the middle of most open plan kitchens, there is usually an island, such as the one in this kitchen. The central island leaves plenty of space around for movement.

Hardwood floor
Grey couch

The open floor plan between the kitchen, dining area and living room helps save space while creating a smooth and splendid transition among the three areas. The wooden beams also add a creative touch.

Large window
Curtains with patterns

Brick or tile backsplashes in interesting designs also improve the general appearance of an open concept kitchen. The L-shaped traditional kitchen with a centered island and upholstered dining chairs is further improved by the patterned curtains.

Kitchen with fireplace
White cabinets with brown tabletop

The wooden beams in the kitchen help create an appealing rustic look. The dark color of the beams also blends perfectly with the dark-colored tabletop and hardwood floor.

White and peach counter
Large television set
Minimalist kitchen design
Large refrigerator

You can also merge a minimalist design with an open floor kitchen concept. This kitchen features a centered white island against a brown stone tiled floor. The large cabinet fitted in the wall with glass doors adds to the elegant yet minimalist aesthetic.

Simple furniture
Kitchen refrigerator

Ventilation is an important part of open plan kitchens. Every kitchen with an open floor concept has to be fitted with adequate ventilation.

Seats with ribbons
Seats with ribbons

An open concept kitchen also looks appealing with many accessories, such as this kitchen. Some of the chairs are fitted with patterned upholstery in neutral colors, while the other chairs have been decorated with bow details. The patterned area rug also improves the room’s aesthetic.

Well-decorated kitchen
Tile backsplash
Circular glass table
White-themed room
White brick fireplace
Antique-style chandelier
Chair with patterned upholstery
Dark hardwood floor
Upholstered kitchen furniture with details around the edges
White kitchen theme
Pendants in different sizes
Kitchen with many windows
White walls and ceiling
Stone tabletops
High ceiling with wooden bars
Large spacious kitchen
Beautiful flower arrangements for the interior
Upholstered stool
White cabinet with beautiful tabletop
Hanging lights
Glass dining table
Window with beautiful view of outside

The glass dining table in this kitchen blends in perfectly with the white wall and white tiles, creating an edgy look that is still simple. The large windows also offer an amazing view to those inside the kitchen.