Country is a rustic style that allows you to make a modern home as comfortable as possible, giving it an unforgettable atmosphere of peace and tranquility.This is a design solution that is great for people who are tired of the urban hustle and bustle.To create such a design in your home means to set up an oasis of peace in the midst of raging progress in the world, the eternal race for success and fuss.What does a country-style bathroom look like, how to arrange – further detailed description and ideas with photos.

 What makes Country style different?

The basis of the Country – the use of natural materials and the absence of bright attributes of modernity. The rustic motive is distinguished by maximum naturalness, beauty and a special atmosphere of home comfort. Here are the basic principles of interior design.

Style is based on natural materials.

  1. It is undesirable to choose this option for a small room – because of the abundance of small parts, it may not look stylish, but cluttered and cluttered.
  2. It is important to ensure that there is at least one window in the room.Natural light is the basis for rustic design. But it is also worth complementing with artificial light accents.
  3. It is worthwhile to consider in advance a plan for the location of furniture, plumbing fixtures and decor, as it also takes up a certain part of the space.
  4. There are also limitations in choosing colors.You can not use too bright “acid” shades. Ideal – a combination of warm tones with one or two accents.
  5. Even in the bathroom should be as much as possible textiles – it emphasizes the basic design idea and creates an atmosphere of comfort.
  6. All sorts of old-fashioned details and hand-made things are very welcome.
  7. When adding interior decoration, it is important to remember that there should be a lot of it, but you need to select each element for a general style.

Generally speaking, country is the exact opposite of modern Hi-Tech and minimalism. This is a romantic decision, which should be not so practical as so beautiful and as harmonious as possible.

Color range

Above were considered the basic rules, but the choice of color solution is an important part of creating an interior, so it is important to dwell on this issue and consider it in more detail. So, tips and rules on the selection of colors – on.

The colors of this style look good in a rustic design mustard, ashen, coffee, ocher.

  1. The best option is the selection of light shades from the same group with an additional, contrasting color.
  2. A practical idea is not a combination of pure shades, but c.For example, it looks good in a rustic design mustard, ashen, coffee, ocher.
  3. If you add the “provençal” notes to the design, then you can safely use the light lilac with brighter accents from this range.
  4. “Milky” shades of blue, green, pinkish and yellow look great.
  5. It is not advisable to use heavy shades that shift accents.Bordeaux, purple, bright red, black – these colors should not be in the design.
  6. You should not be limited to two or three shades.This concept allows the use of more colors, but on the condition of their harmonious combination in the overall picture.

Before you form the image of the future bathroom, it is better to first check how the colors are combined.It is important that they all be of the same intensity and not overwhelm each other.


Natural light is the basis for design. It is desirable that it was as much as possible. For decoration perfect fit non-standard size windows, arched type. Ideal fit multi-section windows, stained glass. For the bathroom fit a round window in the “attic” motifs, square, asymmetric. But it is better not to use plastic. Even if it is not possible to order the construction of wood, it is better to give preference to laminated models with a coating that simulates natural material.

Electric lights, too, need to be selected under the overall solution. They can be not only a functional part of the room, but also play the role of decoration, “highlight”, emphasizing the style. Here are the most suitable options.

  1. Chandeliers with openwork shade, which, when the lamp is turned on, create a charming atmosphere, playing with shadows.
  2. Elegant porcelain lamps with beautiful painting.
  3. Wall sconces, lanterns and lamps with wrought iron elements, fabric, openwork and carved lampshades are good in this design.

Useful advice: a special charm to the interior will add the addition of the main lighting with beautiful metal candelabra and candlesticks.They can be used not only as a decoration, but also for its intended purpose.

Bathroom decoration

Starting repair it is important to calculate everything and not make the wrong choice of materials for finishing. The following are recommendations regarding the choice of finishes.

For Country Style Designs, Use Natural Materials Well

  1. Walls: wood, tile, mosaic, plain paint, siding, beautiful decorative plaster.
  2. Floors: wood, vintage tile, stone, granite, marble.
  3. Ceiling: paint, wood, artificial panels, imitating natural materials.

Good advice: the best option is a white ceiling with classic plaster plinths.The use of matt stretch fabric is permitted, but in this case it will be necessary to shift the emphasis to other parts of the room.

Selection of furniture items

Furniture, above all, should be comfortable to use and functional. But at the same time it is important not to forget about the general stylistic concept and to select everything in accordance.

You can significantly save on the acquisition of new sets of furniture.This design solution will look great restored furniture or converted in the technique of “decoupage” cabinets, cabinets, canisters and shelves.


Decorative elements are the soul of a rustic design, therefore. Even in the bathroom without them. But often it is with the selection of accessories for beauty problems arise. Major mistakes:

In any style are important decorative ornaments

  • excess or lack of decoration;
  • inconsistency of the general concept;
  • the discrepancy between the decor and the overall color;
  • wrong location.

In stores with interior products, you can find any decorations for bathrooms that can be successfully used in the considered design concept. The most original and interesting ideas are described below.

  1. Beautiful, variegated curtains and floral patterned curtains.
  2. The abundance of indoor plants, fresh flowers in white porcelain vases.
  3. Figurines and figurines “antique”.
  4. Candlesticks, candelabra, vintage lamps.
  5. Pictures in wooden frames.

The advantage of rustic design is that you can successfully make any jewelry with your own hands. This opens up more opportunities for creativity and the creation of a unique, unparalleled space.

Country Style Bathroom: Photos and Ideas

In conclusion, it is worth considering ready-made, well-designed bathrooms and bathrooms, in which this style is sustained. Below inspiration ideas with photos.

  1. The perfect combination of wood and stone.Natural decor and lots of daylight.

The combination of stone and wood in the interior

Soft sky blue tone, wrought-iron furniture and vintage plumbing.Zest – textile curtain with a romantic floral print.

Textiles as the main focus of the interior

Combined bathroom – a skillful combination of practicality and beauty.

Idea for a combined bathroom

Modern classicism with a rustic touch.The base is white.

white color as the basis of the interior

Practical and absolutely ecological materials.

Natural materials

Mix of modern materials based on Country.

Modern look at country style

Country music is a unique, inspiring solution for real connoisseurs of home heat. Inspired by these ideas, as well as observing the basic design rules, you can create a truly cozy and homely warm place for daily rest and relaxation!