Brilliant Minimalist Living Room Design Trends

The living room is, without saying, one of the most important rooms in the house, if not the most important. Therefore, extra caution and effort should go towards decorating this room. Although some people may prefer sophistication and elegance, you can still achieve that perfect look in a minimal space and style. Here are some of the best minimalist living room designs worth emulating;

Accent wall with beautiful photograph

Low, circular coffee table


Living room with minimal furniture

Indoor plants


Fancy coffee tables matching floor color

Wall art

For a minimalist living room, make sure the floor is perfect. Here, excellently polished floor syncs with the coffee table to create a perfect finish. The art on the wall spices up the room even further.

Sunroom with wooden ceiling

Wooden ceiling

The use of wood creates a warm feeling.

Beautiful central fireplace

Curved couch

This living room is simply breathtaking. The curved design of the couch draws the attention of those sitting on it to the centre of the room, where the beautiful fireplace is located. The open shelving on the wall provides room for exhibiting decorative pieces.

Beautiful color contrasts

Contemporary living room

This living room manages to maintain a minimalistic style while embracing contemporary ideas, creating a very eye-catching view.

Black and brown leather furniture

Glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables are highly recommended for use in minimalist living rooms. Leather couches are also a good furniture choice as they give the room a bold look.

Customized shelves and cabinets

Spacious room


Room with fancy lighting

Fancy fireplace


Small living room

Fancy fuzzy rug

This minimalist living room appears neat and well-organized. One section of the wall is painted entirely white, creating a sharp and beautiful contrast with the black TV.

Room with sufficient natural lighting

Wide, extended windows


Beautiful curtain furnishings

Wooden floor


Fancy grey rug

Black and white theme


Living room with minimal furniture

White and grey-themed living room

This living room has very minimal furniture but still looks elegant. Combining white and grey elements is just the right way to go while designing your minimalist room. The two colors work hand in hand to yield an interesting finish.

Combined white and chocolate color scheme

Tiled floor


Shelves for storage and display

Oval coffee table


Striking color scheme

Bright, patterned rug


Pristine white theme

Fancy, extended lamp stand

For most minimalist living rooms, pristine white color schemes usually create a very elegant look. Low furniture like the low coffee table is the best furniture choice for living rooms.