The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, making it very difficult to decorate. However, decorating the living room is much easier than it seems. You just have to look for one style or theme you wish to stick to, or you can spice things up by mixing different styles. Here is some easily adoptable living room décor that you might find inspirational;

Upholstered black and white chairs
Black rug

Upholstered furniture in textured patterns gives the room a chic and elegant look.

Brown leather couches
White brick fireplace

Fireplaces are a common trend in many living room designs. They give a ‘homely’ feel to the living room. Mostly, they are usually in stone or brick. This brick fireplace has been painted white, giving it a new twist.

Stone tabletop
Bunch of flowers
Gold-colored drapes
Wooden shelf

The simple wooden bookshelf creates a rustic appeal in this living room, creating a welcoming environment.

Shiny hardwood floor
Red rug

Living rooms can also be easily decorated by blending and mixing patterns and textures. The look is usually endearing and attractive, especially when you stick to one color theme, for instance the red in this living room.

House with many windows
White bookshelf


Bookshelves are a common aspect of many living room designs. To spice up your living room, go for a bold bookshelf that easily stands out. You can arrange the books in different styles to make the bookshelf look even better.

Well-furnished living room
Small round tables
Black and white living room theme
Black wall

A minimalist living room can be decorating by adding a few patterned pieces such as throw pillows and pouffes.

Glass coffee table
Spacious living room
Brown drapes
Dark brown leather couches

Leather seats are a timeless addition to living room designs.

Simple lighting fixture
Framed photographs

Art pieces and framed photographs can be displayed on walls to accessorize the living room.

Simple throw pillows
Beautiful painting
Large glass windows
Upholstered coffee table

Décor in neutral colors gives the living room a delicate and welcoming appeal. Large glass windows that offer a beautiful view of the outside make those in the living room feel closer to nature.

Small wooden television stand
Indoor plant
Small wooden coffee table
Long staircase

Bright accessories and décor can also transform the living room beautifully. In this living room, bright flowers and throw pillows have been used to create a bright and lively home.

Dark hardwood floor
Stone fireplace
Low-hanging chandelier
Centered sitting area

Gold-colored décor gives the room an attractive and extravagant look. The gold-colored drapes and gold-colored chandelier create an expensive and high-end look in this living room.

Well-arranged living room
Wallpaper with patterns
Simple white rug
Sheer blinds
Black and white-themed living room
Wooden sidetable

You can also opt for a black and white living room, which is one of the easiest to decorate. It involves sticking to a black and white color theme and using minimum color details. This living room employs dull brown throw pillows to break the monotony of black.