A gazebo is indeed a beautuiful addition to the garden, especially if you have ample garden space that permits you to create a spacious gazebo. Like any other space in your home, the gazebo has to be fitted with alluring décor elements that will make the gazebo stand out and attract the eye. Whether you are drawn to extravagant and high-end décor or like to just keep it simple, this article provides you with a wide range of tips you can implement while designing and decorating your gazebo. For more ideas, you can browse through our article on modern pergolas. As you will notice, the design for pergolas and gazebos draw on each other in a significant way.

Hanging flowers in bright colors make for beautiful accessories to your gazebo

You can accessorize your gazebo naturally by surrounding it with well-trimmed shrubs and bushes like in the picture above. For an even better and more vibrant look, you can try hanging bright flowers on your gazebo, to make the space livelier. The flowers can hang from pots or crates.

Gazebo with Jacuzzi, bringing you comfort at a better level

An advantage of owning a gazebo is that it gives you the freedom to outdo yourself with the design and décor. Jacuzzis, fireplaces, firepits…you can include them all to make the space more comfortable and appealing to the eye.

Large gazebo with separate relaxation and dining areas

If your gazebo is large enough, you can partition it to serve different purposes. Here, one portion serves as the dining area, where you can enjoy meals with your family or have meetings, while the other section with a couch and coffee table gives you a relaxed environment to chat with others or just relax on your own.

Creative lighting fixtures make your gazebo come alive in the evening

Lighting is a key element in every gazebo, especially if you are into the idea of enjoying relaxed evenings outside with your family or friends. There is a wide range of lighting options you can choose from, depending on the effect you require. If you want a lighting structure that gives you a serene or romantic look, then you can choose lighting like the one in the picture above. If, however, you are interested in lighting that will give your gazebo a vibrant and lively look, then you can input lighting like the one in the picture below.



Small wooden gazebo with wooden terrace

 Throw pillows in bright and colorful patterns bring exuberance to this gazebo

Furniture choice is important as well when decorating your gazebo. This simple patio set made from natural material, for instance, is a perfect addition to this gazebo. The cushions create extra comfort while the throw pillows help liven up the space beautifully, because of the bright popping colors. For more ideas on furniture for your gazebo, head over to this article that teaches you to make your own outdoor furniture and this one that gives you tips on creating DIY pallet patio furniture.

Gazebo made from stone and wood, with a medium-sized fireplace