Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

A well-decorated bookshelf has the ability to transform the outlook of any room positively. Here are some ideas on decorating a bookshelf;

Colorful boxes

Colorful boxes

You can opt for a metal bookshelf instead of the traditional wooden bookshelf. Use colorful boxes and cases for storage.

Green storage cases

Small bookshelf

Display of ornaments

Wooden bookshelf

For an even better look, place a matching work station close to the bookshelf.

A bookshelf can alternatively be used to display artwork and ornaments such as these exotic jars.

White bookshelf

Neatly-arranged books

For a neat and organized look, place books and items that have a similar appearance next to each other.

Wide bookshelf

Glass door

Add embellishments and glass doors to the front design of the bookshelf for an elegant look.

Neatly-arranged books

Customized bookshelf

You don’t have to stick to the traditional rectangular bookshelf design. You can get creative and come up with a unique, customized bookshelf.

Framed photographs

Artwork display

You can use the bookshelf to display items like artwork and photographs.

White-painted shelf

Simple bookshelf

Painting your bookshelf white is an easy way to transform it and give it a beautiful look.

Matching bookshelf and wall color

Mixture of books and art pieces

For a simple and beautiful look, match the color of the bookshelf with that of the wall. Also mix books and decorative items to spice things up.

White-themed room

Black shelf

Painting the wall and bookshelf in different colors helps to create a beautiful sharp contrast.

Matching floor and bookshelf surface

Architectural bookshelf

Bookshelf with staircase

Wooden bookshelf

A staircase built on a high bookshelf not only makes retrieving of books easier but also adds a beautiful and creative semblance to the bookshelf.

Bookshelf with in-built TV stand

Partitioned bookshelf

A bookshelf can be additionally used to provide a stand for the television, breaking the monotony.

Side by side shelves

Television screen

You can place two bookshelves side by side and place a television screen in between.

Neatly-stacked books

Colorful bookshelf

Fill your bookshelf with books that have bright covers in order to create a bright and colorful look.