Grey wallpaper with black patterns and brightly lit window

The bedroom should have a serene and relaxing ambience about it, so as to offer the owner the chance to relax peacefully and get a good nioght’s sleep. Often, it is not easy to do this, unless one adopts a black and white color scheme, which is often simple, effortless and calm. Here are a few ways you can adopt a black and white colorscheme in your bedroom;

Simple black and white color palette with artistic imprint on the floor and in-ceiling lighting

Usually, a black and white bedroom looks elegant even without complications in the design. Often, you can use a simple black and white color palette and décor and have one major element of the room stand out distinctly, like the artistic drawing on the floor in the bedroom above.

Black and white patterned bedding that adds a playful touch to the room

Use of black and white prints especially when it comes to bedding is a creative way to play with black and white colors while decorating your bedroom.

Black stripes on white wall add a bold look to this black and white bedroom

Red pillows break the monotony of the black and white color scheme by breathing color into the room

Black and white bedroom with white wall and floors and black accent painting behind the headboard

Colorful décor items in this bedroom help make this bedroom appear casual and playful

Small bedroom with heavy black drapes and white rug

In this tiny black and white bedroom, white lampshades and a white rug have been used to brighten up the space

Black hardwood elements and framed photographs

Famed photographs, paintings and other pieces of art help draw the eye to the contrast between black and white, especially if black art is placed on a white wall and white art is placed on a dark wall.

Black and white bedroom with a shiny, black stone floor and neutral décor pieces

Black chandelier used to provide accent lighting

Black headboard against a white wall for a simple yet elegant appeal.

Here are some other headboard ideas that may come in handy when selecting a headboard for your bed.

Indoor plants used to liven up a black and white bedroom

Pale hardwood flooring adds simple neutral elegance to this black and white bedroom

Contemporary black and white bedroom with shiny silver chandelier and painting above the headboard, which make the room look sophisticated

Inclusion of silver, brass or gold accent features, in particular, lighting fixtures, has the effect of making the bedroom appear elegant and sophisticated, without necessarily going through too much effort. Here is some inspiration for incorporating creative and ‘unusual’ ideas in your bedroom design.

White color scheme illuminated by natural lighting, for a bright and lovely look

The white elements in the bedroom should be placed at a point where they are illuminated by light, to create a lively atmosphere.

Combination of black and white stripes with neutral colors for a bold and relaxing appeal

Spacious black and white bedroom with contemporary and minimalist design

This bedroom appears spacious because of the minimalist design that steers clear of unnecessary clutter and the use of white as the main color, while black is used as an accent color. The use of white as a main color and black as an accent color is an important trick, especially in applying a black and white color scheme to a small bedroom, since it makes the room appear more spacious than it actually is. Here are some more tricks to make a small bedroom look larger.

White bedroom with black accent features and accessories, creating an edgy and contemporary look

Alternatively, you can opt for an all-white bedroom theme and introduce black elements later on, through use of black accessories and décor items, like in this bedroom.

Straight lines and angles on the wall portion behind the headboard creates an edgy look

 Grey wallpaper with black patterns and brightly lit window

A black and white room can sometimes appear too dark, especially if the black elements outweigh the white elements. For this reason, it is important to put effort towards the lighting. This brightly-lit window with sheer white curtains and white drapes helps brighten up the otherwise dark room.

Dark grey wall behind black headboard

If you would like to have an even balance of black and white across the bedroom but do not wish to have so much black color, you can substitute black with dark grey.

Balanced black and white décor throughout the entire bedroom creates a uniform and organized look

You don’t have to limit yourself to white and black when choosing a color scheme for your bedroom. As you will see, white and blue works pretty well too.