Japanese culture revels in its simplicity and brings in years of tradition, culture, style and space. As more and more people are looking for exotic ideas to design their bedrooms, Japanese-inspired bedroom designs are gaining popularity. The basic design of a Japanese bedroom focuses on maximum utilization of space with minimal clutter. The emphasis is on maximum relaxation with quiet surroundings.

The decor on the walls usually gives an earthy feel with brown, orange and light grey walls being the common colors. The simple color scheme accentuated with one or two bright paintings gives a nice contrast and lively feeling within the room. The bed is generally low, placed at the center of the room, very near to the ground, its color syncing with the walls. The sheets and round cushions on the bed create a neat look.

The Japanese put more emphasis on woodwork. Generally the window panes, doors and dressers are made of bamboo, maple and red pine. Depending on the size of the room it can be decorated with accessories such as Japanese lanterns, bonsai and dragon figurines. Lighting is another very important part of these bedrooms. Detailed attention is given to both natural and artificial lights. Usually they have large expansive sliding windows which bring in ample sunlight during the daytime and dimly-lit handmade lamps hanging from the roof during the night time. Of course the amount of light required in the room can always be adjusted. Flooring is generally done with tatami mats. These are made from rice straws and are very sturdy, allowing barefoot movement and are also easy to clean.

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Achieving the perfect balance is the key to design a perfect Japanese bedroom. Utmost care and time should be devoted to choose everything to get that ideal design.


double wooden bed and square decor of the japanese stylr

bedroom with shelves and green olive in the corner with japanese pictures on the wall

french windows with view of the mountain

feng shui asian inspired decorating with king size classic bed and chesterfield sofa with stone vase

cosy style room with carpet on the floor and white wooden armchair with orange pillows and duvet


wooden ceiling and walls with double bed

bamboo decor of the japanese bedroom with lantern

white and black style bedroom with ornament on the wall

green style bedroom qith wooden and bamboo walls

red double bed with white pillows. doors made from bamboo

wall made from the pine wood and the floor made from the stone

black bed with red and black carpet in the big light room

lantern look amasing in the toom with double bed behind the glass wall and two sofas near the wall

japanese bedromm in the movie with double red and walls made from wood and plastic

double bed in the light colors with softa armchair

japanese hotel with tow single beds with decorative wooden doors