It goes without saying that the inside of the bedroom should be a cozy and intimate space. Unlike other rooms, the bedroom is hidden from prying eyes, thereby creating an environment that guarantees peace, comfort and solitude.

The bedroom also embodies the likes and tendencies of its owner, and for this reason, its style design can vary considerably from that of other rooms. Often, owners equip the bedroom according to their needs and preferences. In this article, we consider and compare the main tips and recommendations designers suggest in order to create a comfy and magnificent bedroom.

Designing a Compact Bedroom

If your apartment has small dimensions, then the bedroom will most likely be small as well. However, this should not cause you frustration, since even in a tiny space you can still achieve a pleasant design.

To start, all you need is a range of creative ideas. You can get these by researching about various design practices and trends.

The main tasks when designing a bedroom include, deciding on the ideal style you want for your bedroom, understanding what the style entails and then actualizing it

Preferred Styles for Decorating the Bedroom

Unlike other rooms, the bedroom requires an individualistic approach. To distinguish the style of your bedroom you first ought to consider the style that would fit best. You can choose from a wide range of styles, while placing particular emphasis on your needs and preferences.

Another important point to keep in mind is the dimensions of the room. Even the slightest variation in space creates a huge change in the bedroom design. For instance, a bedroom of 12 square meters , believe it or not, differs significantly from the design of a bedroom with an area of ​​10 square meters. To sum it all up, for a compact bedroom, precision is key and every space needs to be accounted for.

If you have already sorted out issues to do with the space, then the next step is selecting the design. The most popular styles today include:

  • Modern
  • Classic,
  • Minimalist.

However, while in pursuit of the perfect style, do not give up your comfort and harmony.

Classics of the Genre

Owners of small bedrooms prefer to decorate them in a classic style. This style is a safe choice as it carries minimal risk and essentially fits any kind of room.

The main rules to observe when following this style are that you should use:

  • Warm tones;
  • Soft lines.

Further, you should use a lot of additional décor and details to spice up the bedroom.

To create a truly royal suite, you will need:

  • Beautiful wall paintings (often reproductions of great classics);
  • Massive furniture;
  • Elegant finishes.

In this photo you can see a classic chic design.

Despite the fact that most interiors today spot the modern style, the classical style is still a favorite for many. The highlight of the classic interior is, of course, Art Deco style furniture. To abide with Art Deco style, choose huge beds or chairs that bear elements of paintings. Also, think about buying a chest of drawers. In addition, classical stylistics can be emphasized with the help of luxurious curtains, which will not only spice up your bedroom visually but also make it cozier.

Modernity is in Fashion

The modern design style is  most perfectly combined with small room dimensions, because the economical space is minimally utilized. The main highlights that describe this style are:

  • Simplicity;
  • Fashion;
  • Functionality.

Black furniture also fits perfectly in such an interior.

Therefore, if you fancy space and wish to preserve the already small bedroom space, then you should definitely opt for the modern style.

Minimalist Style for a Small Bedroom

An interesting variant of the modern style is minimalism. The minimalist style is the best choice for bedrooms measuring 10 square meters or less as it focuses only on the most essential elements, such as the bed.

The main features of minimalism are minimum details and maximum free space.

When creating a bedroom in this style, you must remember that functional items, combined with a soft unobtrusive color scheme, will produce the best look.

“Eco-minimalism”, which involves the use of natural materials in the interior, is also gaining increased popularity. The eco-minimalist style is the best for lovers of nature.

Provence-Style Bedroom

The style of “Provence” is ideal for lovers of coziness and comfort. Therefore, if you wish to make your compact bedroom the most comfortable, then this design is just what you need.

The main idea here is to use bright and juicy colors, then combine them with vegetative patterns, warm fabrics and lots of details.

In turn, you will be able to create a great bedroom that is much more than a just simple space for sleeping. Such a bedroom will be your special space, where every detail will delight you and bring you true aesthetic pleasure, saving you from the gloom of a normal and boring bedroom.

Japanese Style Bedroom

For true connoisseurs of the Japanese culture, there is no reason not to go for a bedroom in a Japanese style .

The Japanese style has a lot in common with minimalism. Like the minimalist style, the Japanese design appreciates simplicity and space. The only difference between the two is that the Japanese style pays more attention to details. The figure of sakura is an integral part of the design, and is often located on the walls, often in the form of a separate drawing, and on individual pieces of furniture like cabinets.

Also, special attention should be given to Japanese-style screens and curtains. All these features will allow you to recreate a part of Japan in your little bedroom.

Furniture for Compact Bedrooms

In a small bedroom, it is critical to use the space optimally. As such, choose furniture according to your parameters, while making sure the furniture you choose is functional.

When deciding what furniture is functional, think about the furniture items you cannot do without in your bedroom. Obviously, the main item you cannot do without is a bed. The rest of the furniture choices are absolutely up to you.

Extra but essential furniture items, especially for ladies, include cupboards and cabinet with mirrors, coming in handy during storage.

Those who read or work from the bedroom and regularly use gadgets like laptops will need a desk with a comfortable chair that is healthy for the back.

Ideal Bed for a Small Bedroom

In a small bedroom of about 12 square meters it is logical that you will use a modestly-sized bed. Still, a modestly-sized bed can be comfortable and cozy.

When picking the bed you need to follow the style of the interior of the bedroom. As well, you should consider your personal preferences when picking aspects like the design of the bed and materials used.

The most solid beds are those made of natural wood. These beds come in a wide array of designs and colors but are very costly.

The less expensive ranges are beds made of particleboard and other artificial materials. On the flipside, such furniture has a much shorter lifespan. Therefore, when selecting the bed, weigh the price against the lifespan and choose what works for you.

As for the sizes, the advice is simple– it is better to buy a smaller bed and leave space for some additional interior details, since massive furniture will cramp up the bedroom.

For the creatives, there are many variations to choose from, including installing built-in or loft beds with a working area at the bottom.

In general, there are endless options to choose from, so you just need to find what works for you and go with it.

Selecting a Wardrobe for a Small Bedroom

Remember—when selecting home furniture, the greatest factor to consider is the functionality. The furniture should occupy as little space as possible and serve as many purposes as possible.

The most suitable wardrobe design for a compact bedroom is a built-in closet, which has plenty of room internally for storage.

To ensure the cabinet helps expand the bedroom space, you ought to pay particular attention to models with mirror doors. Such models are not only practical but fashionable as well.

Bedroom with Balcony

Owners of apartments who are lucky enough to have a bedroom with an exit to the balcony have a much easier time beautifying the bedroom.

The balcony makes it possible to add a few more square meters to your small apartment and thus expand the space of the room.

Several tips are available on how one can separate the balcony area from the bedroom directly and create a holistic interior that would optimally portray their personality.

First of all, the balcony can serve as a separate rest area, where you can arrange a cozy sofa and a small bookshelf. All lovers of books in their classical form will like this idea, because with this arrangement not only can you get a good rest from a hard day’s work, but also have a great time reading your favorite literature while enjoying cup of tea, coffee or any other warm drink.

Another option is to create a separate work area with a desk in the balcony. The light that comes from the balcony windows will create a good atmosphere for working. The main concept to remember is that you should properly arrange all the furniture so that this zone does not resemble a ‘serious’ conventional office, but merely offers the right environment for work.

The balcony can also serve as an excellent place for your wardrobe, if you do not want to clutter the space of the room with heavy cabinet furniture. If you go with this arrangement, you will be able to correctly distinguish the storage area from the resting area.

The main idea is not to depart from the general concept of the design of the room, so that the balcony area is not a separate island, but still a part of your bedroom.

Bedroom Combined with Living Room

Many owners of studio and small one-bedroom apartments face the dilemma of creating a bedroom and living room simultaneously in one room, while maintaining the sanity of the home.

The answer to this dilemma lies in the proper delimitation of the space. These days, increasingly many people are attracted to the possibility of separating the space of the room with the help of plasterboard structures. You can achieve this through simple and inexpensive means; thereby  turning your studio or one-room apartment into a comfortable two-room apartment.

To ensure your design is also functional, you can ensure it accommodates niches or shelves, which will hold small items and décor details like:

  • Indoor flowers,
  • Books,
  • Photo frames

Also, you can differentiate between the bedroom and living room with the help of other solutions, such as textile. Beautifully selected thick curtains can separate the living room area from a cozy sleeping place. In this instance, the bed is best placed directly near the window, fixing any lighting problems that may arise. To get rid of the problem of too much penetration of light from the outside, go for stylish window shutters as opposed to thick curtains.

Another option is to use beautiful interior partitions, an option that will also allow you to conveniently separate the living room zone from your place of sleep and rest.

Beautiful Bedroom

If you wish to create the most comfortable and beautiful bedroom, then you need to be extremely careful with every design and décor decision.
The basic rule that you should adhere to is that you should be as rational as possible when planning an apartment, or when buying furniture.
Therefore, when buying furniture for such a room, you need to pay attention to the necessary factors only. Choose a quality bed and cabinet that also preserve the precious space.

The problem of limited space is worsened by low ceilings. In such a bedroom, do not overload the space with additional gypsum plasterboard structures. For such a room, the best lighting option is a beautiful and proportional chandelier that will light up the room and fit into the interior.

In order to visually expand the space, you should use ​​a mirrored wall or mirrored cabinet doors. Although this option is quite costly, it is particularly stylish and serves the important function of expanding the space.

Choosing Bedroom Wallpaper

If you wish to use wallpaper for your bedroom, then your intentions should be congratulated. Wallpaper is a practical solution, especially given the wide number of varieties available in the market.

Manufacturers categorize the several types of wallpaper, which include:

  • Paper,
  • Vinyl,
  • Textile.

Paper wallpaper is the least expensive, so it’s great for children’s rooms, especially if your children love to draw on the walls.

Vinyl or waterproof wallpaper is more expensive, but, nevertheless, more reliable than paper wallpaper.

While textile wallpaper is regarded the most stylish option for decorating a bedroom, it is rather unwise to use it. This is because textile wallpaper is intensely affected by direct sunlight, leading to burnout and destruction of the wallpaper. The textile wallpaper also strongly attracts dust, so when choosing this option for finishing, be ready to clean it frequently.

Selecting Curtains for the Bedroom

The main function of curtains in the bedroom is to protect against excessive sunlight penetration, which may get in the way of comfy sleep. Therefore, the curtains selected need to be good at blocking out external light when it’s not desired. For the color, you can choose that which meets your taste and complements the design and décor of the bedroom.

Curtains are also advantageous when used for decorating the bedroom as they create an accent. Therefore, the whole room can be painted in pastel colors, whereas the curtains on the windows will have a bright color, whether green, red, turquoise or any other bright color.

For a children’s bedroom it’s best to choose curtains with a pattern that would interest your baby and delight his eyes.

The Place of Decor in the Bedroom

Of course, the overall style of your bedroom’s interior will depend on the style of the decorative elements, including curtains. For this reason, you should always pay special attention to the decor. For the bedroom it is best to choose draping, soft fabrics and tulle, allowing you to create feelings of peace and tranquility.

It is strictly forbidden to use blinds in the bedroom, as experts say they create an unhealthy atmosphere.

You can also buy a small stylish floor lamp or a soft chair, enabling you to create a unique interior style in your bedroom.

It is strictly forbidden to use blinds in the bedroom, as experts say they create an unhealthy atmosphere.
You can also buy a small stylish floor lamp or a soft chair, enabling you to create a unique interior style in your bedroom.

Thanks to the recommendations and tips that we discussed above, you can create a cozy and cheerful bedroom that will bring you happiness.

Interior of a Girl’s Bedroom

When it comes to creating and decorating a bedroom for lovely ladies, the first factor that should be taken into consideration is the furniture arrangement. According to designers, bedrooms for girls should ideally be divided into multiple zones. The first is a resting area, which should include a bed, sofa or a folding chair. Also, in this zone, you can install a floor lamp or ordinary lamp, especially if the girl likes to read for leisure. The second zone is a working zone. This can be created in the corner of the room by placing a table with a laptop or computer, a chair, and a small bookcase. It is better to separate the working zone from the other zones by a screen. Lastly, there is the third zone, which contains a dressing table and wardrobe. In general, it is necessary to create a corner for storing clothing and grooming.

Creating a Bedroom on Your Own

It is not necessary that you find a trained expert to create your bedroom, especially since using experts can be expensive. You can create an impeccable bedroom on your own, as long as you understand what you want. The first and most important step is to determine the style you want. Fortunately, the styles come in a wide variety and can cater for all tastes and preferences.

The second important step is planning for the space in the room. You need to clearly calculate the number of square meters that you will use in order to plan the design as accurately as possible.

In accordance with the style, you should also select cabinet furniture, as well as provide suitable lighting options.

Also with regard to the lighting, there is one important point to note: If your bedroom has one or more windows, then use minimal artificial lighting, because there will be enough natural light, especially during the day. Excessive lighting ruins the room instead of adding to its charm.

The above factors are the main ones that you should pay attention to if you decide to independently design your bedroom.

Repairing the Bedroom

To carry out repairs in the bedroom and do it competently, you first of all need to understand some of the main ideas:

  1. The first stage: First of all, before starting repair work, you need to plan and create a project guideline for future repairs and the room as a whole.Here, you need to decide on the style, material, and furniture, as well as other additional details.
  2. The second stage involves the purchase of the material. Here, quality is important, so that you choose long-lasting items that are economical in the long-term.
  3. The third stage entails the execution of finishing works. It is better in some cases to use the services of professionals at this stage as tasks like installation of electrical wiring are complex and risky for an amateur.
  4. The last stage is the placement of furniture and the completion of the interior with the help of additional décor elements. This is the most pleasant stage, after which you can admire the perfect renovation of your room.

Finishing Materials for the Bedroom

Experts argue that each bedroom has its own “character”, which is often determined by factors like the finishing materials used. Therefore, you should make your choice in favor of high-quality noise-insulating materials (for example, you can choose natural wood, cork, veneer or fabric). However, be cautious to ensure the surfaces are not too shiny. The colors chosen for the wallpaper should ideally be matte (also you can look at the options that will create the effect of velvet fabric). It is best to choose gentle pastel wallpaper tones, for example, beige, blue or dim green tones. These are incredible options as they create a calming effect.