Some History

Baroque style emerged at during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is considered a classic that is still relevant, even today. The term ‘baroque’ is of Italian origin, literally translating to‘fancy’. This word most accurately reflects the whole essence of the style’s concept.

The baroque style involves the use of elegant elements, fancy patterns and luxurious pieces of furniture. It also uses sculpting elements, elegant, carved wood objects and antique furniture. All these elements result inan elegant and alluring space.

Whom Does the Baroque Style Suit?

While the baroque style is still relevant today, it is not as popular as it was before. Here are some reasons;

  1. This interior solution is expensive to create.
  2. Due to the specifics of the finish, it is rather difficult to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the interior.
  3. This style defies the conventional definitions of style and beauty.

Such an interior concept suits dreamers and connoisseurs of luxury and comfort. Art lovers appreciate this style even more. Psychologists also note that introverts, intellectuals, and creative personalities feel most harmonious in such an environment.

Basic Rules

The main principle – the room for registration should be as spacious as possible for implementing the baroque style is that the room ought to as spacious as possible. If you have a miniature bathroom of, say, less than 10 square meters, then you are better offer with a different style.Other rules you should note when implementing the baroque style are detailed below;

  1. The design has a touch of glamor and luxury. It is advisable that you keep these details at a minimum so that the room is not oversaturated with elements of classic gloss.
  2. Materials used should be natural, with as few imitations as possible.For example, you should not replace marble with an artificial replica. It is better to choose an alternative material like beautiful glossy tiles for the surfaces.
  3. All metallic parts must be made of silver or gold.It is recommended that you avoid adding cold steel shine to the design, especially since it is forbidden to use brass and copper elements.
  4. The space should be well organized and planned in such a way that you get as maximum free space as possible.
  5. Textiles should be used in moderation.
  6. Every detail of the interior should be elegant, with beautiful patterns or textures, accentuated with gold or silver trims.
  7. You can use several accents indoors.For instance,you can successfully emphasize furniture and the bath with the help of lighting.
  8. Baroque bathrooms don’t favor standard modern plumbing as the bath should stand out in the overall picture.In addition, all plumbing elements must overlap with each other.
  9. As for lighting devices, it is better to use classic chandeliers, wall lamps and stylish candelabra.Neon lights, spotlights and LED strips should be shunned at all costs.


In addition to these rules, it is important to remember the proportions. The baroque style does not allow the use of asymmetric forms or violations of proportionality.


The standard color is a combination of white and gold.

  1. Light blue, white and golden.
  2. Cream and white.
  3. Harmonious combinations of pastel colors.
  4. Black and all shades of gray in combination with white.

As you can see from these combinations, there do not exist strict restrictions on the choice of colors. However, it is important to remember that a pure color should preferably be used as the dominant one. Tint can not act as the main color for this design.


Avoid using softened warm shades like red, orange and yellow. Colors must be saturated, but not bright.

Baroque Bathroom: Finished

The use of all kinds of plastic and other artificial elements is strictly prohibited, as mentioned above. The only exception is the imitation of natural stone. However, in this case, the chosen imitation should correspond to the general concept as much as possible. Below is a list of the best materials for this type of interior.

  1. Marble, leather upholstery, mirror, tile, and mosaic are the best options for covering
  2. The ceiling can be made in the classic style, covered with white paint.The use of matte stretch fabric is permissible. It is also possible to create multi-level designs, as long as they match the style.
  3. For the floor is better to use stone, marble, granite or tile.

Some materials can be replaced with artificial analogues, as explained earlier in the article, on condition that they accurately imitate natural materials.


The presence of various stucco moldings, gypsum plinths and panels in the interior is highly desirable. The presence of columns made in this style decision is also acceptable.

Choosing Furniture

Furniture, in this case, is usually a work of art, made in antique style, with luxurious gold paintings, carved elements and creative patterns. If space allows, it is possible to supplement the interior of the bathroom not only with functional and necessary pieces of furniture, but also with additional ones, for example, an elegant armchair with beautiful leather upholstery or a dressing table on forged legs.

The photos below illustrate rich ideas for choosing or making luxurious custom-made furniture;

  1. A luxurious set of three items, organically fit into the interior, made in white and black colors.

  1. Classic version with curved legs, suitable for rooms with low ceilings, as it provides the effect of visual “pulling” the space.

  1. Palace luxury with pretentious patterns made in gold.
Natural stone and intricate patterns

  1. Soft-matte cream facades successfully combined with gold.

  1. A luxurious set with notes of classicism that fit seamlessly into the basic stylistic concept.

In the process of selecting furniture, many are faced with difficulties, since it is difficult to find models matching this concept in the assortment of ready-made headsets. But this is more of a plus than a minus. You can order an absolutely exclusive package using your own ideas.


The use of jewelry and decorative elements plays an extremely important role in design, especially when it comes to baroque, because this concept involves the use of a special, classic decor. For decorations, you can choose from the following options;

  1. Copies and originals of paintings in carved, luxurious frames.
  2. Figurines, busts, sculptures and sculptured
  3. All sorts of stylistic candlesticks, coasters and vases made of metal.
  4. Various porcelain decorative objects, including
  5. Chandeliers, sconces, floor and wall lamps.

Do not consider textiles, as an element to complement the interior. In general, whenever possible, the use of fabrics should be minimized in a baroque interior.

Useful advice: To highlight the decorative elements and pieces of furniture, it is important to use lighting, as specified earlier in this article.

As long as you know the basic rules for the selection of finishing materials, furniture and color, you can even independently, without the help of designers, create your own unique baroque style bathroom, infusing it with a renaissance atmosphere.