Achieving the Perfect Retro Living Room

Retro interiors are quickly making a comeback into most homes. Here is how you can apply the retro look in your living room.

Minimalist living room

Framed pictures on wall

This living room sports a more toned-down retro look and does not go overboard with retro accessories.

Contrasting throw pillows in bold colors

Beautiful wall painting

Retro designs make use of intricate patterns and bold colors.

Retro-style coffee table

Vintage mirrors on wall

To achieve the perfect retro-style living room, introduce vintage décor and some classic furniture, such as the retro-style table in this living room.

Patterned rug

Small, oval coffee table

Retro wallpaper

Glass table

Using retro-style wallpaper in your living room is one of the easiest ways you can create a retro look.

Living room with a partition for the bar

Twin chairs

Twin chairs in a living room add a vintage style to the room, creating the perfect retro look.

Patterned wallpaper

Creative fireplace

Patterned drapes

Small, circular table

Bright, blue rug

Glass coffee table

Classic fireplace

Open shelving

Retro living rooms make use of creative shelves. A well-designed shelf transforms the whole living room.

Custom furniture

Room with varied decorative accessories

Adding vintage furniture and accessories is an easy way to create a retro look.s

Room with matching white floor and ceiling

Retro sunroom

Wooden floor

Animal rug

Inclusion of animal rugs is a common trend in retro living room designs.

Living room with fireplace

Wooden floor

Retro living rooms make use of orb-style fireplaces and Mid-Century modern chairs.

Beautiful candle lantern

Floor with rich patterns

A creative chandelier such as this candle lantern chandelier can transform your living room to fit the retro look.

Trolley coffee table

Bright, patterned drapes and throw pillows

The retro look is all about a range of bright colors, though caution should be taken so as not to go overboard.

Room with bright natural lighting

Upholstered furniture

Wooden surfaces like wooden floors and wood panels are an easy way to create a retro look.

Room with pops of color

Floor with white tiles

The pops of color create a great contemporary look while still maintaining the contemporary design.