Achieving The Perfect Laundry Room Look

While the laundry room is often ignored by most people, it is essential that this room is decorated, so that the whole house looks presentable. The laundry room should also be well-organized and needs to be built with ample storage space. Here are some ways of decorating the laundry room:

Well-aligned wooden cabinets that provide room for storage

Beautiful wall cabinets

Wall cabinets arranged in row and a sink for cleaning handwashable items

Large countertop and sink

Washing machines and dryer aligned against the wall and upper-located cabinets against creative wallpaper

Creative wallpaper

A well-decorated washing area

Enclosed laundry room

If you have limited space for the laundry room, it is convenient to place the dryer and washing machines in a corner or against a wall. You can have doors to enclose that region while not in use.

Bright-colored washing machine and dryer and painting decorations

Bright washing machines

A simplistic washing area furnished with bright curtain

Simple laundry room

Massive storage area provided by rows of cabinets

Bright-themed room

Eye-catching wallpaper used to beautifully match the washing hardware and floor of the room

Custom laundry room

Beautiful wallpaper transforms the laundry room from dull and boring to playful and vibrant. The pattern of the wallpaper matches the general color scheme of the room create a beautiful and uniform look.

Centrally-placed washing machine with surrounding regions for folding and storage

Large laundry area

Brown and white color scheme used to create decorative pattern

Laundry baskets used to decorate washing area

Antiquities on open shelf used decoratiovely

Beautiful glass table with vase

A small washing area designed to use little space

Stacked washing machine and dryer

Another great space-saving solution for a small laundry room owner is stacking the dryer and washing machine over each other. This results in minimum space consumption. Because this laundry room is small, shelves have been built on the walls for storage, instead of cabinets which take up a lot of space.

Tile backsplash detail with washing sink

Table for folding

Large windows to allow natural sunlight entry

Lively room

Laundry room decorated in natural earth colors

Elevated region with dryer and washing machine


A beautifully-decorated laundry area that minimizes space usage

Well-furnished washing area

This laundry room is very simple. Since it is small, a glass table with shelving has been added to provide storage and allow for folding of clothes, while taking up the least amount of space possible. Glass vases and framed pictures have been added to spice up the décor.

Washing machine and dryer stacked on top of each other to minimize space consumption

Handsome wooden cabinets

This laundry room has a sink for washing items that require hand washing. There is a large countertop for folding items and numerous wooden cabinets above and below it for storing items.

Partitioned washing region that can be closed off while not in use

Enclosed region for washing

Brick backsplash and beautiful countertops

Baskets for organizing items