Large windows with panes
House with huge compound

For most people, an old building that has been lying around for many years needs to be demolished. However, as you will see, if you own an old barn that you no longer use, you stand to gain more from it as it is as opposed to when it has been demolished. A barn can be transformed into a beautiful and elegant home, all using few materials. Although a barn invokes a rustic design in the mind of many, ou will be surprised that you can decorate it in a variety of styles such as contemporary design, minimalist design, retro design, vintage design and others.

Large windows with panes
House with huge compound

When turning an old barn into a home, you can opt to retain some of the old features. In this home, the exterior of the barn remained as it was, with some slight remodeling to allow for glass windows. The result is an impeccable and glamorous view of the house.

Ceiling with wooden beams
Centered chandelier

This old barn has been turned into a multipurpose rustic space. The wooden beams, wooden stairs and chandelier all add a rich rustic charm to this home.

Overhead hanging light
Stone wall
Upholstered chairs around round dining table
Simple throw pillows

Here, the barn was turned into a multipurpose space that accommodates the living room, dining room and kitchen. The interior has been repainted and redesigned to create a contemporary look in white and blue hues. The fireplace at the end adds warmth and comfort to this space.

Creative garage door
Potted plants
Brown area rug
Brown leather couches
Large yard
Brick wall
Wooden ladder
Stone fireplace
Hanging pans
Blue drapes
Large, spacious homes
Wooden dining table
Elevated fireplace
Blue, upholstered chair
Roof painted red
Walls painted white
Upholstered coffee table
Small living room
Wall made of stones
Shelf over fireplace
Kitchen bar
Iron sheets
Green grass
Bright throw pillows
Lively home

Here, the barn has been transformed into a loft. The neutral color scheme, combined with the series of flowers and potted plants  adds a warm and welcoming feel to this home. The overhead hanging lights add style.

High ceiling
Wooden side table

This room boasts of rich and extravagant details. The area rugs and red and fabric used to upholster the dining chairs bring a lively and exuberant presentation of patterns. The high ceiling of the barn remained untouched, making this home appear and feel more spacious.

Dining bench
Stone terrace

You can extend our barn on the exterior to allow for a patio like in this home. The patio was laid down with stone and wood used on the floor. The stone terrace leads away from the barn into the beautiful garden. The wooden patio furniture used complements the rustic design effortlessly.

Room with accessories
Wide dining table
Industrial theme
Island with stone top

This transformed barn has a rich industrial theme, made even better by the centered island with a stone top.

Ceiling made from wood
Wooden elements