It is rare to have a kiddie bathroom in the house; most parents think that their children will just grow up fast which is why they don’t bother making one. However, constructing a bathroom specifically designed for kids and toddlers does offer advantages like making it easier for you to manage them and their bathroom essentials if ever you’re using the bathroom with them.

When your children have all grown up, you can still use these baths if ever your guests need to bath their babies. Even your future grandchildren can still use it too. If you are planning to have one, here are tips that can help you furnish your kid’s bathroom.


1. Within arm’s reach

Consider designing the countertop and other bathroom essentials to be within their reach. Have the mirror and cabinets modified to their height or a bit taller. Don’t make the cupboards or cabinets too high for them so they will not have any issues reaching the toiletries. Also, place switches within their reach so it would be easier for them to turn on or off the lights.

2. Toy drawer

Toddlers play during bath time; they always have these rubber ducks and other toys with them in the bath tub. Secure a drawer that is water resistant and which can also be used to store these bath toys safely when not in use. Vanity drawers can also be used long as it has enough space for your children’s toys.

3. Non-slip mats and cushioned Walls

Make the bathroom safe as possible. Avoid accidents from happening by placing non-slip rubber mats inside the bathroom so that your kids or anyone won’t slip trip or fall. Put a cushion cover over the faucet and on the walls so that they won’t hurt themselves when they accidentally hit the wall. Even with these safety items, always make sure to supervise your kids when they’re inside the bathroom.

4. Give space in between

Give a friendly space between the bathroom and drying area for your children to allow them to move freely. You should also limit the fixtures inside the bathroom to give space for both the child and yourself. Bathrooms that are filled with fixtures are also more prone to accidents.

5. Avoid applying sharp edges on the countertop

It is very dangerous for kids as they might slip and hit their heads on sharp edges and sustains wounds or severe injuries. An additional safety feature is to cushion the edges of the countertop. This is just a precautionary measure and you should still assist your kids in the bathroom.

6. A space for you

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have any space for yourself if you’re having kiddie bathroom. You should have a space for yourself, especially near the bathtub. Have an edge where you can sit during their bath time for you to assist and supervise them. Essentially, you are making your bathroom flexible for both you and your kids.

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