30+ Unique Kitchen Island Designs

When it comes to designing and decorating the kitchen, there are only so many ways you can do it. Most kitchens incorporate similar design elements, so sticking to the common kitchen design elements will not give you a unique kitchen. You can, however, create unique fixtures to make the kitchen stand out, such as kitchen islands. A well-designed kitchen island can add class and exuberance to your kitchen. Browse through the following pictures to get ideas on how you can create a unique kitchen island.

Kitchen island extended into dinner table

Grey island with metal sink and faucet

High wooden ceiling with beams

Bar chairs around the island

Simple chandeliers hanging overhead the island

Wooden kitchen island with white tabletop

Dark hardwood floor

White kitchen island with white tabletop and cabinets with glass doors

Kitchen with black and white color scheme

Large, rectangular wooden island with cabinets with metal handles

Tiny island with stone tabletop

Small stools upholstered in patterned fabric

This tiny kitchen island only goes to prove that bigger is not always better. Also, notice the way the fabric used to upholster the stools matches the color of the stone tabletop?

Island made from dark hardwood

Island made from stone

Outdoor kitchen

Wooden island with white casters and integrated wine storage area

Pots and baskets hanging over the island

One of the most extraordinary features in this island are the elegant casters and the wine storage area.

Island/bar painted blue

The light blue color of this kitchen island increases brightness in this kitchen, creating a lively environment.

Combined bar and kitchen island

White, medium-sized island with shelves and cabinets

Large island with artistic patterns

Unique wooden island made from repurposed pieces

Kitchen with rustic design

Kitchen island design matching the design of the cabinets

Island with large, ceramic sink and gold faucet

Contemporary Large, dark, majestic island with cooking stovekitchen design

Contemporary Large, dark, majestic island with cooking stovekitchen design

Medium-sized island inbuilt with a fruit stand

Area rug with zebra prints next to the island

Large island with plenty of storage space

This kitchen island is quite huge and presents multiple storage options, a feature that helps in keeping the kitchen organized.

Island made from stone and wood

Large, white island with cabinets and extends into a small dinner/ breakfast table

Light hardwood island

Simple island with wooden shelves at the side

A kitchen island with shelving like this one with shelves at the side is not only appealing to the eye, it also helps you to get the items you need with minimum effort.

Contemporary island design with cabinets and tiny in-built refrigerator with a glass door for storing drinks

DIY décor hanging overhead the island

Island adjoined to the wall

Colorful island made from repurposed wood

If you love color, then this kitchen island is for you. The color-blocked accents on the island create a statement, without overwhelming the eye.