Want to create the kitchen of your dreams? How about you try the Scandinavian style? In this article we show you 25 beautiful Scandinavian kitchen designs, as well as educating you on their main features and sharing practical decorating tips.


With each passing day, the Scandinavian style is gaining increasing popularity here in Russia and other parts of the world as well. With its laconic forms, extraordinary ease, naturalness and simplicity, the Scandinavian heart conquers hearts. If you desire a kitchen that is cozy, functional and unpretentious, then the Scandinavian style is just what you require.

In this next section, we tell you more about creating the Scandinavian style in the kitchen, while showing you some photo illustrations we know you will love.

The Scandinavian style is perfect for all kitchens regardless of their size or layout. With this style, a spacious kitchen will appear even more airy, enabling you to emphasize the large dimensions.

Despite the suitability of the Scandinavian style to kitchens of all sizes, the style is most useful in a small kitchen, since it serves the essential purpose of visually increasing and ‘lightening’ the space.

Interestingly, white is the most popular color in the decoration of the Scandinavian style. You can observe this through the photos in this article.

Decorators mostly pair the white with black, making it possible to emphasize key details, making the space more graphic and spectacular. Some decorators opt to use black sparingly but for those who are brave enough to take the risk, then black details can be used generously.

For those who dislike white, then gentle pastel shades work just perfectly. Aside from white and black, the Scandinavian style allows the use of other colors. The kitchen is, for instance, very harmonious with furniture in barely perceptible blue tones.

The idea of a Scandinavian kitchen set in a pastel mint shade sounds rather strange, but in reality, it is quite stylish and appealing. The main rule to remember is: Do not load space with a lot of bright colors, rather, use them as small accents. Otherwise, the  Scandinavian style will not work.

Please note that in Scandinavian kitchens, the top modules of the kitchen set are often unavailable, making it is possible to fill the space with even more natural light.

However, if you do not want to leave this zone completely empty, you can make open shelves that look visually lighter compared to closed upper lockers.

Another characteristic feature of the Scandinavian kitchen and indeed of any room in this style is the abundance of natural wood. Natural wood helps add warmth and comfort to the room, creating a sense of belonging.

Natural earth shades will also help create a warmer and more homey feel.

In the decoration of Scandinavian kitchens, brick is one of the most commonly used materials. Brick, although simple, is able to magically transform the room, breaking the monotony of the white interior and adding texture.

You can brick one wall, making it the accent of the room.

Installing an apron in this kitchen is also a pretty interesting option. However, for greater practicality, we advise that you cover the apron from above with a sheet of glass.

If you dislike brick, you can use “subway” or “hog” tiles, which are perfect alternatives.

In addition, an apron in the Scandinavian kitchen can be presented in a wide variety of materials, ranging from glass to mosaic.

In most Scandinavian homes, the floor in the interior is either laminated or covered with boards of light wood. When choosing a floor cover, select one that merges with the rest of the interior and does not attract special attention.

The floor should serve as a background for the furniture and fabrics that decorate the room. By the way, a board floor painted white, like in this picture, makes a formidable impact. With this trick you are bound to get a wonderful result. The trick blurs all the boundaries of the room, visually enlarging the kitchen.

To ensure that the floor does not come off as cold and uncomfortable, just add a small cute mat. Choose a mat that is colored, since it will easily add life to the kitchen.

With special love and trepidation, the Scandinavians turn to striped black and white rugs, which are not only elegant but also universal.

A good alternative to a wooden or laminated floor is tile laid out in staggered order. The most common and classic color combination is white and black.

Why not add some brightness to the Scandinavian kitchen?  Saturated yellow, just as you can see in this photo, works perfectly.

Alternatively, you can go for bright textiles paired with wall pictures or flowers.

Did you notice that majority of the kitchens in the photos we have shown you do not have curtains or blinds? Well, this is also a distinctive feature of Scandinavian interiors. If the “bare” windows are uncomfortable for you, hang light and translucent fabric curtains that will let in as much natural light as possible.

Finally, but most importantly: Do not forget that the Scandinavian style is based upon minimalism.