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15 Ways To Add Life To Your Décor

Tired of the same dull, drab rooms in your home. Why not spice things up a bit? From living, breathing additions to vibrant colors and shapes, there’s always something that could accent your home beautifully. Check out these fifteen ways to add life to your décor.


  1. Choose Different Fabrics

Being mindful about choosing different textures for your home will help create life. Choose a thick chunky rug for underneath bare feet, and a wispy light throw blanket to use while relaxing on the couch.


  1. Add A Few Houseplants

Houseplants are trendy as well as beautiful. They offer a touch of life to any room and can be quite low maintenance making them the perfect indoor addition. Consider planting an herb garden on your kitchen window sill.


  1. Paint It Up

Choosing warm colors like yellow or red are natural ways to draw attention to your home. Natural colors like blue and green also help add life to a room.


  1. Use Hardscaping Indoors

Brickwork and traditional outdoor hardscape designs resonates us with outdoor spaces. Utilizing features like this is both simple and allows you to incorporate complimenting natural accents such as plants.


  1. Tell A Story

Many homeowners use family photos in their décor but do they really tell a story? Try snapping rapid pictures of your child blowing bubbles or of a dog catching a frisbee to hang together to tell the story of your life. Showcase your family portraits in a design that’s sure to catch the eye.


  1. Add Scents

We often forget that scent can be a powerful way to add life to home décor. Using vanilla or lavender can bring back memories and help add life to the present time spent in your home.


  1. Incorporate Movement

Anything living has a natural rhythm to it. Help add movement to your home by choosing hanging and winding plants that will sway when you open a window. Use airy fabric for curtains.


  1. Keep It Simple

Overcrowded rooms tend to feel stuffy and uninviting. Clear away those items that don’t speak to you anymore and create some empty space. These unobstructed areas will help to encourage more life into a room.


  1. Add a Focal Point

Interior anchor items, such as a large wall hanging or piece of furniture, help to create a strong feeling. Focal points help establish the baseline of the story you want to tell.


  1. Choose Different Textures

Have you ever had the urge to reach out and touch something in a home? Finding those pieces of different texture like metal or smooth rocks in a bathroom help add life to a home.


  1. Add Wooden Accents

Wooden rocking chairs and table legs create a natural connection to life outdoors. Choose wood that has interesting knots and growth patterns to pique your interest further.


  1. Don’t Forget Natural Light

One of the most essential elements of adding life to your décor is making room for natural light. Use windows whenever possible to help fill the room.


  1. Add Soothing Sounds

Consider an indoor water feature to add the soothing sound of a babbling brook tor waterfall. These indoor fountains can block out the distracting street noise from outside.


  1. Use Complimenting Colors

Understand the color wheel and choose colors that work well together. Adding a few different colors to a room helps create balance.


  1. Select Good Storage

Having a place for everything in your home is an excellent way to stay organized. It also helps make space for guests to experience elements of life that you have added to your décor.

A serene home doesn’t have to be lifeless. Consider these 15 ways to add life to your décor to create a beautiful and welcoming home this year.


By: Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is a writer, self-claimed nutritionist, and CrossFit junkie. She spends most of her time meal prepping and actively trying to beat personal records in the gym, but always enjoys a meditative walk through a nearby woodland area or near a lake.

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